The Herald-Dispatch

COLUMBUS, Ohio - BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Co. and Motorists Insurance Group have rebranded and are now Encova Mutual Insurance Group.

The new brand name was announced Friday in a news release. launches Monday, July 15, the release stated.

Motorists and BrickStreet affiliated in 2017.

"For the last two years, we have continued to integrate our operations and truly become one company," Encova CEO Dave Kaufman said in the release. "Our new brand identity is designed to show our well-rounded product offering and capabilities."

Kaufman said bringing these two companies together allowed them to develop an all-encompassing new brand that gives agents and policyholders a one-stop shop to provide peace of mind for every step in life's journey.

"Encova remains committed to the independent agency model that Motorists and BrickStreet employed in the past," he said. "Their superior financial strength, cutting-edge technology, local expertise, one-stop-shop model and 360 degree workers' compensation coverage set them apart from their competitors."

"We are redefining ourselves in the market," Encova president and chief operating officer TJ Obrokta Jr. said in the release. "We are debuting a new brand identity, but Encova has decades of industry knowledge to expand our product offerings. We've created a more robust experience for our agents and policyholders."

Over the course of the next year, Encova will continue to update building signage, marketing materials and other collateral to reflect the new brand identity, the release said.

"Our success comes from trusting relationships with agents and policyholders and our commitment to leaving a lasting impression in the communities we serve," Kaufman added. "We partner with our agents to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of each policyholder to help protect what they value most, whether that be their family or business. We are proud to be Encova."


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