William Edward Blackwell to E.R. Cremeans, Lot 4 Block 127, Huntington, $95,000.

E.R. Cremeans to E.R. Cremeans et al., Lot 4 Block 127, Huntington, no consideration.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Ferry Ferguson, Lot 221 Ceramic Subdivision, Gideon, $9,900.

David E. Kitchen to Hinson Investments LLC, Part Parcel AJN Anderson Addition, Huntington, $15,000.

Eva G. Hall et al., to KCX Enterprises LLC, Lot 2 Cedar Grove Subdivision, Huntington, $160,000.

NR Deed LLC to Kyle A. Keizer, Part Lots 6-7 Block 108, Huntington, $129,000.

Carl E. Pemberton et al., to Michael P. Jarrett et al., Lot 2 H.E. Turner Subdivison, Huntington, $43,000.

Quantum Properties LLC to Quantum Properties LLC, Lots 5-11 Block 181, Gideon, no consideration.

Rodney G. Herndon et al., to Ryan Scott Herndon, Lot 109 Block 264 Highlawn, Huntington, no consideration.

Andrew T. Smith to Trevor J. Lanz et al., Lot 19 Block 255 Highlawn Subdivision, Huntington, $128,000.

Samuel B. Miller to Trevor L. Lambert et al., Lot 350 Holswade Park, Huntington, $280,000.

Sydney M. Burdick to Matthew K. Dills et al., Lot 138 Part Lot 137 Roland Park, Huntington, $135,000.

Casey Lewis to Timothy Aldrich, Southerly Part of Lot 11 Block 26 Cole and Crane Altizer Place, Huntington, $78,500.

Fannie Mae et al., to Adam Plyler et al., Part Lot 10 Block 20 Belford Extension, Huntington, no consideration.

Steven L. Snyder et al., to Baylor Blickenstaff et al., Lot N Block 30 Belford, Kyle, $172,500.

Chris A. Johnson to Chris A. Johnson, Lot 16 Block 7 Williams Addition, Kyle, no consideration.

Randall Gilbert et al., to Kyle Segler, Lot 7 Part Lots 8-9 Block 82 Parkway Subdivision, Huntington, $178,000.

Nina Jewell Ensor to Nina Jewell Ensor et al., Part Lots 6-7 West Belford Subdivision, Huntington, no consideration.

Federal National Mortgage Association et al to Whirlwind Homes LLC, Lot 119 Greenbriar Heights Section 2, Huntington, no consideration.


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