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CHESAPEAKE, Ohio — A slip along Rockwood Avenue (Ohio 7) near where the Ohio Department of Transportation spent more than $1 million about five years ago has damaged two rental houses and is threatening at least one more.

“Every time it rains, I get nervous,” said Cynthia Nance, of 24 North Huntington Heights. Her house is about 350 feet from Rockwood Avenue. “It’s disheartening you can’t get anyone to take action on this. It’s going to get worse. Why not be proactive?”

Nance spoke about the slip earlier this month at a Chesapeake City Council meeting, said Paul Hart, Chesapeake assistant mayor.

Two other homes that were used for rental housing behind Monty’s Pizza along Rockwood Avenue have been abandoned due to the slip, Hart said Tuesday.

“The homes have slipped off their foundation,” he said.

The hillside has slipped between 3 and 5 feet, he said.

“We have no money to fix this,” Hart said.

The village had to turn to the Ohio Department of Transportation several years ago when the hillside started slipping onto Ohio 7. The state put in a retaining wall. The current slip is located just west of the prior slip, Hart said.

“It’s a sad situation,” he said. “There is a monumental slip.”

Nance couldn’t agree more. She has contacted county and state officials, but hasn’t had any department come to her aid.

“I’m going to lose my home,” she said.

Her home insurance doesn’t cover earth movement, Nance said.

“My house is seeing movement,” she said. “There are cracks in the walls. There are cracks in the driveway.

“For the safety of people traveling on Ohio 7 (Rockwood Avenue), something should be done,” she said.

The slip is located about two blocks east of the Symmes Creek Bridge, Hart said.

“We cannot have this highway destroyed,” Hart said. “It is the lifeline to the east along the (Ohio) river for Lawrence County.” The village needs help “to have the state of Ohio address this emergency.”

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