Katrina Lynn Wilson

Katrina Lynn Wilson

WAYNE — A Fort Gay woman was arrested Monday night after she allegedly broke into a home and attempted to kidnap two young children, all while naked.

Katrina Lynn Wilson, 25, is charged with kidnapping, nighttime burglary, assault, three counts of battery, attempted escape and obstructing.

According to a criminal complaint from the Wayne County Magistrate Court, around 6 p.m. Monday, the victim was sitting with her two grandchildren, ages 3 and 9 months, in the 19000 block of W.Va. 152 in Genoa, West Virginia, when she heard someone trying to pull open the door. Despite the door being locked, Wilson was allegedly able to pull the door open after two tries.

The victim stated Wilson was naked prior to breaking into the residence.

The victim grabbed the children and ran toward the hallway, but Wilson was able to grab the 3-year-old. Wilson allegedly said the child was “Jesus Christ.” The victim said Wilson made unwanted physical contact with the children.

The victim said she fought with Wilson for about 10 minutes before she was able to lock the baby in a bathroom. Wilson, however, still had the toddler in her arms. The victim said Wilson attacked her again by ripping her clothes off. She also ripped the clothes off the toddler. The victim was struck with a closed fist several times across the face.

The victim’s husband came home and was able to restrain Wilson long enough to get the toddler safely out of her arms.

The victim said Wilson was trying to kidnap both children.

When officers arrived, Wilson was being held down by the victim’s husband. It took officers multiple times to restrain her as she kicked and refused to give her hands, the complaint said.

Once at the West Virginia State Police Wayne Detachment, a trooper supplied Wilson with a sweatshirt and pants, but Wilson took off the clothes multiple times, according to the complaint, and continued to be combative. As the trooper attempted to fingerprint her and put her into the system, he could not because Wilson kept grabbing his arm and pulling his tie. She wouldn’t let go of the tie until he took it off, according to the complaint.

Officers then placed her in a cruiser to transport her to jail. Despite having on a pair of hand restraints, hobble restraints around her ankles and a seat belt, Wilson was able to get out of the seat belt and hobble restraints and into the front seat of the cruiser where she attempted to escape.

She was eventually transported to the Western Regional Jail, where she is being held on $450,000 bond.

Follow reporter Taylor Stuck on Twitter and Facebook @TaylorStuckHD.

Follow reporter Taylor Stuck on Twitter and Facebook @TaylorStuckHD.

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