HUNTINGTON — While Annemarie Kowach, a French quilt maker, has had her work displayed in museums across Europe, she never expected her work would find itself in the hills of West Virginia.

Kowach’s quilt is part of “Color Improvisations 2,” an exhibit at the Huntington Museum of Art. The collection was curated by Nancy Crow, an Ohio artist who is one of the most celebrated and influential quilt artists of the past 40 years. The exhibit wraps up at the museum this weekend.

Kowach said she knew she wouldn’t be able to visit the final exhibition of the collection in Ohio next year, so she decided to come to Huntington to see her work on display in the States.

Her quilt is the second in a series of four. The hand-dyed pieces are a mix of grays with pops of blues, greens, yellows and oranges. The pieces form As — the first letter of her name. She said she spent 400 to 500 hours working on the piece.

Kowach started quilting when she was in school, but fell away from the art as she got older.

“When I moved to Germany, I went to an exhibit in this very old castle, and I told my husband I would like to start quilting again after that,” she said.

Kowach said her mother was always sewing, and she would sit at her feet while she did it, but her mother never made quilts. Kowach taught herself by just sitting down at a sewing machine and putting pieces of fabric together.

The “Color of Improvisations 2” exhibit will leave the Huntington Museum of Art after Sunday, Oct. 13. The exhibition will move to the Springfield Museum of Art in Springfield, Ohio, beginning Jan. 4.

The full exhibition has 50 quilts, but only 20 are on display in Huntington. The collection includes artists from Germany, Switzerland and even West Virginian and former Huntington resident Denise Roberts.

For more information on events at the Huntington Museum of Art, visit or call 304-529-2701.

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