Essential reporting in volatile times.

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We are witnessing an unprecedented moment in American history, one that our team of outstanding journalists is chronicling in detail for you each day in the pages of this newspaper and online.

Thanks to their efforts, our community and nearby areas are deeply informed about the constantly unfolding developments in the coronavirus pandemic. We plan to ensure you remain fully apprised of every turn in the story.

Of course, for us as well as for you, the challenges posed by this crisis are myriad, but most pointedly about public health and the economy.

On the latter front, we have taken a series of steps aimed not only at reducing cost but also at achieving greater efficiency and higher value. We are, for example, printing a single edition of the newspaper rather than two, allowing us to go to press later and include the latest news. Space dedicated to stocks has been reallocated, allowing us to feature enhanced business coverage.

We have, at the same time, devoted the full efforts of all our reporters to virus coverage, giving you a complete look at the outbreak’s impact on our community that, quite simply, you will not find anywhere else. While our staff is smaller than in past eras, our commitment to local journalism, proportionally, never has been greater.

Through the duration of this extraordinary moment in the life of our country, we will work around the clock to ensure we have done our able best to provide you every piece of information required to navigate these difficult times. On the other side of the crisis, we plan to emerge with you stronger than before and better than ever.

Nothing we do is possible without you. To all our readers, we extend our deepest gratitude and best wishes for good health and brighter days to come.

Jim Heady is the regional publisher of HD Media LLC, which publishes The Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, the Charleston Gazette-Mail and several weekly newspapers.

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