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Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch Voters head to the polls for midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Huntington

HUNTINGTON - Cabell County Clerk Phyllis Smith said record early and absentee voting combined with lines of voters reported at several precincts in the county suggests higher-than-normal voter turnout for the 2018 midterm election.

"All reports thus far indicate very high voter turnout for a midterm election," Smith said Tuesday evening just before polls closed. "We will have to wait and see what the official voter turnout numbers will be, but everything suggests very high numbers at the polls in Cabell County."

Smith said all the national attention on the U.S. Senate race, the statewide attention in the West Virginia Supreme Court races and enthusiasm for the local races attributed to a possible record turnout in Cabell County for a midterm election.

"We had over 8,900 early voters as well as a large amount of absentee ballots," she said.

Smith said a power outage problem was reported at the Salt Rock precinct.

"They reported it pretty early and it was quickly fixed," she said.

Thunderstorms passing through the area early Tuesday led to a handful of power outages across the state, according to the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office.

"We got reports of some power outages early this morning from the storm that blew through, but those were immediately fixed and taken care of," said Erin Timony, assistant communications director for the Secretary of State's Office.

In Kanawha County, a few voting machines had technical problems and were quickly replaced Tuesday morning, said Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick. Both she and Putnam County Clerk Brian Wood said voter turnout had been steady and high.

"Little problems come up, like every election, and we've taken care of them," she said.

The most notable thing, she said, were longer wait times because of the high turnout.

"I hope people don't get too upset waiting in line," she said. "But that's kind of exciting, too, because people are getting out to vote."

The West Virginia Secretary of State's Office reported nearly 175,000 votes had been cast in early voting, including 139 people who voted overseas using mobile voting.

"We've had about double the early voting numbers as the 2014 general election and a steady stream of voters at the voting booths today," Timony said Tuesday.

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