HUNTINGTON - The holiday season might be over, but two Huntington residents are determined to keep the giving spirit alive well into the new year.

On Sunday, buddies Dakota Nelson and Chris Hodge spent the afternoon in a pickup truck picking up Christmas trees from homes in Huntington and hauling them away to drop-off sites set up by the city of Huntington.

While the drop-off sites set up throughout the city are a convenient way for residents to dispose of trees, Nelson said he knows many people do not have a way to transport their trees to the sites.

"We just felt like this is something simple that we could do to help out," Nelson said. "It complements the efforts being made by the city, and I think it's important that we as citizens respond to good opportunities put in front of us."

Nelson and Hodge's first stop Sunday was at So Social child care where Tia Rumbaugh could not have been more pleased to see her tree hauled away.

Rumbaugh, who runs So Social on the first floor of their three-floor home, said she had actually put her tree on the curb a few days earlier hoping the city would announce a pickup program.

"I was one of those people who paid for the tree at the lot and they delivered it, so I didn't really think it through that eventually I'd have to have someone take it away," she said. "But this worked out perfectly."

In years past, Rumbaugh said she usually ended up having to pay someone to take it.

Next on the list was the home of David Delrymple and Bonnie Boyce, who were preparing to welcome friends from out of state to celebrate the new year.

"This is so helpful," Delrymple said. "It's nice that we don't have to worry about it anymore."

Over the course of roughly four hours, Nelson and Hodge made eight more stops and picked up two trees they found in an alleyway.

"This was just a way for us to carry the holiday spirit on into the new year," Hodge said. "We felt that the best way to start off a new year is to do something good and help people."

With such a great response from those they encountered on Sunday, Nelson said they plan to make themselves available to Huntington residents for the upcoming week as well.

Anyone hoping to make an appointment can do so by contacting Nelson at 304-690-5503.


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