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Santana Renee Adams is escorted into Cabell County Magistrate Court to be arraigned on criminal charges for falsely reporting an emergency incident on April 5, 2019, at the Cabell County Courthouse in Huntington. The charges stem from falsely reporting that an Egyptian man attempted to kidnap her daughter from the Huntington Mall.

HUNTINGTON — A trial date has been set for a mother accused of lying to police when she claimed an Egyptian man attempted to kidnap her daughter at the Huntington Mall last year.

The accuser, Santana Renee Adams, 24, of Milton, is facing one misdemeanor charge of falsely reporting an emergency. After several continuances, a jury trial is expected to take place April 6, more than a year after the incident occurred.

Adams was pushed into the spotlight April 1, 2019, after she told police she was shopping inside a clothing store at the mall when a man of Middle Eastern descent “attempted to grab her 5-year-old daughter by the hair and abduct her from the store.”

She said she then pulled a handgun from her pocket and pointed it at the man before he fled, according to a criminal complaint filed in Cabell County Magistrate Court.

However, as prosecutors reviewed the evidence, they found Adams’ follow-up statements to be inconsistent, and police said security video showed a different version of events.

After Adams’ allegedly false report was filed April 1, Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan, 54, of Alexandria, Egypt, was charged with felony attempted abduction by a person the same day, but the charge was dismissed days later.

Zayan, who was working in West Virginia at the time as a contracted engineer, previously told reporters he never interacted with Adams or her daughter and wouldn’t recognize them if he saw them.

He returned to Egypt after his charges were dropped and he was released from jail.

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