Here are the individual winners from the Marshall University Search Committee On Recognizing Excellent Students competition on April 18. The students are listed by ranking, name and high school for each category:

Latin Vocabulary Test: 1: Jacob Essig-Beatty, Greenbrier East High ; 2: Carter Woodson, Greenbrier East High; 3: Arica Garrett, Greenbrier East High School.

Management Challenge: 1: Kaleb Cihon, South Point High ; 2: Damien Turner, Greenbrier East High; 3: Ramon Urbaez, South Point High School.

Management Challenge II: 1: Evan Thompson, Huntington St. Joe; 2: Victoria Redden, Ironton St. Joseph Catholic; 3: Timmy Gwinn, Greenbrier East High School.

Math 1: 1: Chris Fugate, Boyd County High ; 2: Stephen Boisvert, Greenbrier East High; 3: Nathan Wung, Fairland High School.

Math 2: 1: Ayman Lam, Capital High ; 2: Nathan Westurn, Boyd County High; 3: Yvonne Chueh, George Washington High School.

Math 3: 1: Dilum Aluthge, Huntington High ; 2: Michael Niemann, Cabell Midland High; 3: Jerade Hensley, Fairview High School.

Military Map Reading: 1: Michael Jeffers, Spring Valley High ; 2: Huntington High School Military Map Reading Team 1, Huntington High; 3: Erich Clark, Spring Valley High School.

Music - Brass: 1: Nicholas Bragg, Lincoln County High School; 2: Brennan Wood, Greenbrier East High; 3: Jeffery Smith, Cabell Midland High School.

Music - Percussion: 1: Jordan Ware, Fairview High ; 2: Shane Stevens, Spring Valley High; 3: Duncan Mapes, Ritchie County High School.

Music - Piano: 1: Yvonne Chueh, George Washington High; 2: Michaela Owens, South Gallia High; 3: Brennan Wood, Greenbrier East High School.

Music - Strings: 1: Taylor Giorgio, Capital High ; 2: Andrew Sivaprakasan, George Washington High; 3: Michael Wilcoxon, Dawson Bryant High School.

Music - Voice: 1: Elizabeth Falstreau, George Washington High ; 2: Daniel King, Nitro High; 3: Archana Narasimhan, George Washington High School.

Music - Woodwinds: 1: Bobby Galloway, Spring Valley High ; 2: John Donathan, Cabell Midland High; 3: Sara Price, Fairland High School.

Music Theory: 1: Michael Niemann, Cabell Midland High ; 2: Jacob Essig-Beatty, Greenbrier East High; 3: Anastacia Meadows, Cabell Midland High School.

News Writing: 1: Ella Daniels, South Point High ; 2: Hana Glasser, George Washington High; 3: Danielle Ward, South Point High School.

Newspaper Design: 1: David Rodes, Huntington High ; 2: Haley Cahill, Greenbrier East High; 3: Tessa Crace, Chesapeake High School.

Nursing: 1: Sarah Jackson, Greenbrier East High ; 2: Nikki Godby, Logan High; 3: Nate Sobetsky, Greenbrier East High School.

One Rope Bridge: 1: James Scaggs, East Carter High ; 2: Frasher Caudill, Spring Valley High; 3: Greenbrier East One Rope Team 1, Greenbrier East High School.

Oral Interpretation of Children's Lit: 1: Micah Lucas, South Point High ; 2: Skye Hess, Wirt High; 3: Sara Patrick, South Point High School.

Persuasive Speaking: 1: Heath Fields, Chesapeake High ; 2: Lexie Clary, South Gallia High; 3: Dale Duke, South Gallia High School.

Phonemic Transcription: 1: Leona Miller, South Point High ; 2: Courtney Heffner, Chesapeake High; 3: Rebecca Clark, Greenbrier East High School.

PhotoJournalism - Feature Photo: 1: Maigen Rainey, South Gallia High ; 2: Hannah Brumfield, South Gallia High; 3: Joseph Belcher, Capital High School.

PhotoJournalism - Illustration: 1: Brittany Colegrove, Mingo Career and Technical Center; 2: Andrea Perrow, Capital High School; 3: Grace Underhill, Capital High School.

PhotoJournalism - Portrait/Personality Photo: 1: Shefali Shah, Fairland High ; 2: Rachael Stanley, South Gallia High; 3: Nathan Ward, Mingo Career and Technical Center.

PhotoJournalism - Sports Action Photo: 1: Tyler Marcum, Wayne High ; 2: Tommy Noble, Chesapeake High; 3: Shefali Shah, Fairland High School.

Physics: 1: Samuel Couch, George Washington High School: 1: Jayne Billheimer, Huntington St. Joe; 2: Chris Fugate, Boyd County High; 3: Cecil O'Dell, Ravenswood High School.

Pre-Law: 1: Jeffery Smith, Cabell Midland High ; 2: Christopher Nyden, Capital High; 3: Rebekah Swartzwelder, South Point High School.

Promotional Photography: 1: Leah Stumbo, South Gallia High ; 2: Haley Mills, South Point High; 3: Ashley Jameson, South Point High School.

Psychology Exam and Essay: 1: Michael Petrany, Home ; 2: Madeline Vandevender, Greenbrier East High; 3: Sarah Craft, South Point High School.

Public Relations Problem Solving: 1: Stacy Blevins, South Point High ; 2: Hana Glasser, George Washington High; 3: Nathan Wung, Fairland High School

Radio Programming: 1: Chesapeake High Radio Programming Team, Chesapeake High ; 2: Wirt County High School Team I, Wirt High; 3: Hannah Adkins, Fairland High School.

Recruitment Promotional Poster: 1: Joshua Adams, Mingo Career and Technical Center; 2: Sidney Boyle, Chesapeake High; 3: Sarah Rhodes, Mingo Career and Technical Center.

Recruitment Web Page Design: 1: Morgan Damron, South Point High ; 2: Tabitha Coeyman, South Point High; 3: C.J. Johnston, South Gallia High School.

Roman and Greek Mythology: 1: Jayne Billheimer, Huntington St. Joe; 2: Kevin Bryant, Huntington St. Joe; 3: Katelynn Burns, Greenbrier East High School.

Roman History and Life: 1: Alex Anderson, Ravenswood High ; 2: Erin Wroblewski, Spring Valley High; 3: Dominique Neff, Huntington St. Joe.

Safety and Accident Prevention: 1: Sarah Rice, Chesapeake High ; 2: Kayla Higgins, Rock Hill High; 3: Alyssa Vickers, Chesapeake High School.

Social Work and Social Welfare: 1: Ashley Dawson, Greenbrier East High School; 2: Jay Haas, South Point High School; 3: Krista Poff, South Gallia High School.

Sociology: 1: Kadesha Fox, South Point High School; 2: Mason Haynes, Greenbrier East High School; 3: Danielle Ward, South Point High School.

Spanish - Level One: 1: Samuel Appleton, Fairland High School; 2: Emily Norris, South Point High School; 3: Laken Hamilton, Boyd County High School.

Spanish - Level Two: 1: Roger Deal, Boyd County High School; 1: Richard Nguyen, Capital High School; 2: Sarah Goebel, Ironton St. Joseph Catholic; 2: Candice Messer, Sheldon Clark High School; 3: Zachary Griffith, Capital High School; 3: Marissa Petrie, Fairland High School.

Spanish - Level Three: 1: Timothy Beavers, South Point High School; 2: Joy Wang, Capital High School; 3: Emily Vandevender, Greenbrier East High School.

Spanish - Level Four: 1: Stephanie Sebastian, South Gallia High School; 2: Adriana Duarte, George Washington High School; 3: Roger Estep, Capital High School.

Spanish - Level Five: 1: Pablo Barros, Cameron High School; 2: Aris Garcia, Chesapeake High School; 3: Pilar Diana Osa, Cameron High School.

Stories for Young Children: 1: Bren Kyle, Huntington St. Joe; 2: South Point High School Stories for Children #2, South Point High School; 3: Shefali Shah, Fairland High School.

Television Newscast: 1: Andrea Holler, Fairland High School; 2: Fairview H.S. Eagle One News, Fairview High School; 3 : South Point High School Television Newscast Team, South Point High School.

The Internet Challenge: 1: Akhil Gudivada, Fairland High School; 2: Kanissa Carrico, Fairland High School; 3: Jenna Hannon, Fairland High School.

The Web Challenge: 1: Akhil Gudivada, Fairland High School; 2: Jasmine Waugh, South Gallia High School; 3: Robby Brown, South Point High School.

Twilight Connection: 1: Beth Barnes, South Point High School; 2: Holly Hall, South Point High School; 3: Kayla Ariyan, South Point High School.

United States History: 1: Eva Guidarini, George Washington High School; 2: Brennon Marcum, Lawrence County High School; 3: Jared Morgan, George Washington High School.

Web Programming: 1: C.J. Johnston, South Gallia High School; 2: Steven Rollins, George Washington High School; 3: Chris Dehner, Chesapeake High School.

World Geography: 1: Aaron Dunkle, Spring Valley High School; 2: Shefali Shah, Fairland High School; 3: Michael Morgan, Rock Hill High School.

World History: 1: Joy Wang, Capital High School; 2: Vijay Sampath, George Washington High School; 3: Ahmed Yousof, George Washington High School.

Write a Television Commercial: 1: Victoria Bradley, Greenbrier East High School; 2: Julie Rubin, George Washington High School; 3: Gage McCoy, Chesapeake High School.

Writing: Expository Essay - Argumentation: 1: Martina Wilkerson, Capital High School; 2: Haley Templeton, Fairview High School; 3: April Burrows, Cabell Midland High School.

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