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Marshall University students and other community members will have the opportunity to vote early on campus ahead of the Nov. 3 general election.

HUNTINGTON — Marshall University students and other community members will have the opportunity to vote early on campus this fall ahead of the Nov. 3 general election.

Cabell County commissioners approved a resolution Thursday morning to reinstate the university as a satellite early voting precinct for the upcoming election.

“Most of you know we did have early voting there a couple of elections, but we did not the last election,” Commissioner Nancy Cartmill said.

The Cabell County Clerk’s Office first made the move to enact the on-campus early voting in 2018, making Marshall the first university in the state to offer such an option.

Registered voters in Cabell County can take advantage of early voting Oct. 21-31 on campus, and those registered in other West Virginia counties can cast a provisional ballot to be counted during canvassing, according to Marshall University’s Herd Votes organization.

Commissioners also approved a resolution Thursday establishing an emergency absentee voting policy in the county, allowing absentee voting to take place at hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centers in November.

County Clerk Phyllis Smith said this is a policy commissioners adopt each year, although COVID-19 restrictions in the facilities in question could pose problems come election season.

“This is to go into nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, anything like that,” Smith said. “As of right now, you’re not allowed in, but it’s subject to change.”

Smith said the voting policy was established so the county is prepared to offer absentee voting in the currently restricted facilities when or if those restrictions change.

Also in voting matters, commissioners agreed to accept a grant from the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Grant Board.

The grant totals $303,580 and will be used to purchase electronic polling books for future elections.

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