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HUNTINGTON - The Marshall University Board of Governors on Thursday will consider revisions to its board policies, including one that spells out the role of the newly reformed athletic committee, at its regularly scheduled meeting in the still-under-construction Memorial Student Center.

The board of governors used to have a separate athletic committee in addition to the Academic and Student Affairs and Finance, Audit and Facilities Planning committees, but it was done away with some years ago. In April, board chairman James Bailes said he would like to restart the committee, with members agreeing. Former faculty representative Cam Brammer said it would be a good idea with the start of sports betting in West Virginia.

On Thursday, the board will vote on a revised Intercollegiate Athletics Oversight Policy, modeling it from the Association of Governing Boards Board of Directors' statement on responsibilities for intercollegiate athletics. It details the role of the board, the board's athletic committee, the university president and the director of athletics in maintaining a competitive Division 1 athletic program with high academic standards for athletes.

The updated policy essentially just reworks the existing policy to be more concise.

If approved by the board, the policy will have an open comment period until Oct. 15. If substantive comments are received, a final policy will be presented to the board for approval at the next meeting.

The board also will vote on changes to academic administration policies, financial affairs policies, general admissions policies and IT policies.

Three new members also will be sworn in at Thursday's meeting. Chris Miller, Bill Noe and Sandra Thomas have been appointed by Gov. Jim Justice to fill the vacant board seats. Daniel Holbrook, professor of history, will be sworn in as the new faculty representative, along with new Student Body President Stephanie Rogner.

An executive session is also on the agenda to discuss possible real estate transactions.

The board committees meet at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 12, with the full board meeting after the committee meetings, or at 10:30 a.m., in the Shawkey Room of the Memorial Student Center.

By law, all meetings, except for executive sessions, are open to the public. Government bodies are not allowed to take action in executive sessions.

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