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HUNTINGTON - The Marshall University Board of Governors on Thursday will vote on whether to approve pay raises for faculty and staff, which are part of statewide salary increases for state workers passed during the most recent legislative session.

Legislators touted it as a 5% raise, but the state only appropriated enough funding for Marshall to raise salaries 4% for faculty and staff, Marshall President Jerome Gilbert said earlier this month.

Faculty in the professional schools of medicine, pharmacy and physical therapy are excluded from the salary increases, but with approval of the president, the schools are authorized to award an appropriate salary increase to their respective faculty.

Any faculty member whose initial start date for their position is on or after July 6 (for 12-month employees) or Aug. 17 (for nine-month employees) are excluded from the increases, including any faculty hired into positions for Fall 2019 term.

The president is also excluded from the increases, along with anyone with a salary not governed by employment contracts.

Along with salary increases, the board will vote on the university's budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year. The budget includes a 3.5% tuition and fee increase, which was approved earlier this month during a special board meeting.

The budget includes an increase of $2.4 million in state appropriations, $1.4 million of which is for the salary increases.

The board also will review and vote on a revised university mission statement, along with financial affairs, academic affairs and general administrative policies. Most of the changes are clarifying or updating the current policies.

The board also will consider an intent to plan a Doctor of Business Administration program and an intent to plan a Bachelor of Arts in general business, along with approving the degree program for the Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistant.

Also on the agenda are five degree name changes for master and doctorate programs.

The agenda also lists an executive session to discuss a real estate transaction.

The board meeting will begin after committee meetings at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, April 25, in the Shawkey Room of the Memorial Student Center.

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