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WAYNE — The Wayne County general election ballot features three levies for voters to decide upon.

Voters will be able to vote for or against library, health department and fire levies. Each one would supply funding and would not raise taxes.

Wayne County Commission President Bob Pasley said each of the three provides important revenue.

“None of these levies would raise taxes, and they are each important to their specified outlet for funding,” he said. “What they will do is provide an increase in property value.”

Here’s a look at what each levy pays for in Wayne County:

Library levy

The Wayne County library levy would provide approximately half of the funding for three libraries located in Wayne County — Ceredo Kenova Memorial Library, Wayne Public Library and Fort Gay Public Library.

According to Director Mark Eslinger, the county levy decides how much West Virginia state funds are allocated to libraries in Wayne County.

“The Wayne County library levy is important as it decides how much money we get at the state level and could help generate approximately $80,000 to $90,000 of our annual income when combined,” he said.

Eslinger said that funding helps to provide salaries, building maintenance and upkeep, materials and more.

The monies are provided to the library on a monthly basis.

The library levy has passed every year it’s been on the ballot since 1990.

Pasley said the library can be some residents’ only outlet to connect.

“Some people rely heavily on the library not only for entertainment purposes of the books, but as their only source of internet usage or ability to use a computer,” he said.

Health department levy

The Wayne County Heath Department levy provides funding for general operation of the facility.

Pasley said the levy is important, especially in unprecedented times such as current involvement in helping keep the county safe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Who could doubt the need to continue funding our health departments in a time like now?” he said. “Our group has done a fantastic job not only keeping everyone informed but as safe as they can during this pandemic.”

He added that the funds are vital for the department to remain open.

The monies are provided to the department on a monthly basis.

Fire levy

The Wayne County fire levy works to provide funding for fire departments located in Wayne County — Ceredo, Kenova, Lavalette, Wayne, East Lynn, Prichard, Fort Gay and Dunlow.

Though money is dispersed differently on this levy, the money is used to purchase equipment or different items needed at the departments.

The fire levy is distributed to the Wayne County Commission and then if a department needs something the commission either signs a check or reimburses the department for the money.

Pasley said this levy not only helps fire departments to offer a service, but also helps property values in Wayne County due to department proximity to each station.

In-person voting for the general election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3. So far, 1,943 early votes have been made in Wayne County, with an additional 2,679 voters requesting absentee ballots, 2,068 of which have been returned, nearly half of the voter turnout seen in the primary election.

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