HUNTINGTON — A Huntington murder trial will be delayed as a woman accused of killing her husband considers whether to take a plea deal and her attorney waits for more evidence to be turned over.

Jessica Gordon, 31, of Huntington, was charged with murder in 2017 in the Oct. 22 shooting death of her husband, Christopher Gordon, 31, at the couple's home on Cavalier Drive.

According to police, Gordon said her husband had held her down on a bed, but gave conflicting information that he had strangled her. Gordon told police she retrieved a gun from a gun safe on the other side of the bed and fired one shot, which struck her husband in his left temple.

During her 2017 arraignment, Gordon told The Herald-Dispatch, "It's not what it seems."

Gordon was scheduled to go to trial Sept. 10 in Cabell Circuit Judge Christopher Chiles' courtroom, but defense attorney Ray Nolan said Thursday he is still waiting for evidence to be exchanged in the case, including additional statements and a forensics report, which might potentially delay the case if he needs to hire an expert witness.

Cabell Prosecutor Sean "Corky" Hammers said he expects to turn over more information to Nolan by next week.

Nolan said Gordon had been offered a plea deal to second-degree murder, which calls for a 10- to 40-year sentence, but she was turning down the offer until they were able to review the evidence that has not been exchanged.

Chiles set a return date for Sept. 6.

Follow reporter Courtney Hessler at and via Twitter @HesslerHD.


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