CHESAPEAKE, Ohio - Collins Career Technical Center's Health Professions Affinity Community Club (HPAC) and Briggs Lawrence County Public Library are partnering on a project to make hygiene and self-care items accessible to students.

Last year, the HPAC students decided to help out their fellow students by creating hygiene lockers for the school stocked with items students may need, but do not have access to. Students at CCTC can access the lockers by combinations provided on posters in the restrooms in the school and access them on their own time.

This breaks down barriers for those students who need items and don't want to ask.

The club welcomes donations from a provided list that is available at all Briggs Library locations. In addition to helping the club collect items for the hygiene lockers, Briggs Library will credit donated items toward any outstanding fines patrons who donate at the library may have.

"The HPAC club envisions expanding this project within the community and to do that, we felt we needed the community's help. By partnering with Briggs Library with its five branch locations around the county, the group hopes the community will help us ramp up our current donations and help us expand our hygiene lockers outside of CCTC," said Elizabeth Crawford, faculty coordinator for the club.

"We have partnered in the past with groups who are striving to help the community, and we are happy to help this group take their project to the next level," Briggs Library Director Joe Jenkins said. "Donations will be accepted at all of our branch locations, and everyone is encouraged to donate. From Sept. 16 through Sept. 30, in conjunction with National Library Card Sign Up Month, any library patron that donates an item from the list will have $1 in fines waived from their library card, up to a maximum of $5 per patron for five donated items."

Collins Career Technical Center established the club for students enrolled in a health occupation in 2018. The club specifically works with CCTC students who are enrolled in a healthcare program. HPAC was originally created by the Northeast Ohio Medical School and has since added chapters at other colleges, technical and high schools. Their main purpose is to create a community service project that will help alleviate a community healthcare disparity.

For more information on how to help the HPAC project, contact Elizabeth Crawford at 740-867-6641, ext. 383.


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