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2020 0710 aerial 46.jpg

Aerial view of Chesapeake High School on Thursday, July 9, 2020.

CHESAPEAKE, Ohio — The 1,400 students in the Chesapeake school district will be offered the option for five-day school or remote learning once classes resume Aug. 24, according to Chesapeake Superintendent Jerry McConnell.

The school district is asking parents who want to do remote learning this year to contact schools by the end of July, McConnell said. School teachers and staff will be doing a week of in-service training before classes begin this year, he said.

“Our goal is to keep children safe and provide them with a good education,” McConnell said. “We miss the children.”

The school district hasn’t had students in classes at Chesapeake High School, Chesapeake Middle School or Chesapeake Elementary School since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will be required to wear face masks on buses and in classes. The district also will provide cloth masks or face coverings where needed, he said. School staff and teachers also will be required to wear masks.

Robin Kimball, a Chesapeake High School art teacher, said she is anxious to see students again. “We just want everyone to be safe,” she said.

School officials have been meeting daily on the best way to care for students and keep them safe, McConnell said.

“We will have hand sanitizers in several locations throughout the school,” he said. “We’re working on cleaning procedures.”

“We could be using the gym or the stage or any open space for learning,” McConnell said. “We will make additional changes if needed.

“We’re still working on how to handle visitors to the school,” McConnell said.

Meanwhile, students in the Fairland school district will have the same choice of going back to school or remote learning. Students who select remote learning will be required to attend and participate in class during regular school hours with instruction being led by a teacher.

A change in remote learning or in school attendance can be done only at the end of a nine-week session, according to Fairland officials.

Staff and students will be asked to stay home if their temperature is above 100 degrees or they are experiencing symptoms. Parents are required to contact the school if they think their child might be sick.

Fairland classes are set to resume Aug. 19.

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