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Sheila K. Lykins to Levi Smith, 4.87 acres in Union Township, $3,000.

Thomas B. Hall to Vernon D. Howell Jr., a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $34,000.

Rita N. Adams to Michael B. and Linda L. Dickess, 8.81 acres in Upper Township, $25,000.

Michael L. Doss to Jack Ingles, a parcel in Windsor Township, $13,500.

EJTR Ltd., to Isaac M. and Siraprena E. Glover, a parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $3,500.

Alec R. Herrell to Randy M. and Sara B. Thompson, 11.73 acres in Aid Township, $110,000.

Deborah Fannin et al. to U.S. Bank National Association, $45,500.

Geraldine Null to John McFarland, 8.34 acres in Union Township, $208,000.

Robert E. and Glenda K. Delawder to Mark and Constance Beford, 12 acres in Upper Township, $100,000.

Virginia Davis et al. to Clarence M. and Cotton Davis, 11.23 acres in Athalia, property valued at $14,845.

Howard Perdue et al. to Robert H. Copley, 2.72 acres in Fayette Township, $17,000.

Ad Victorium LLD to Bethany Pemberton, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $2,500.

Ray T. Dutey to Jonathan A. Holloman, two parcels in Upper Township, $72,500.

Elizabeth A. Jeffers to Michael and Rachel Graham, three parcels in Proctorville, $143,000.

Pure Platinum Investments LLC to Tyler Dowly, a parcel in Chesapeake, $171,900.

Andrew G. and Shelley Pinkerman to Thomas B. Holbrook Jr. et al., 2.89 acres in Windsor Township, $100,000.

Ice Creek Land Co Inc. to Preston Development LLC, 4.94 acres in Upper Township, $150,000.

Shawn and Sabrina Johnson to David A. and Ronda F. Dunn, a parcel in Rome Township, $150,000.

Pamela Blount et al. to Allen Stickler, a parcel in Union Township, $5,000.

Linda Lester to Carol Spencer, two parcels in Rome Township, $1,000.

Matthew W. and Kelly L. Fannin to Katelynn B. Caldwell, a parcel in Rome Township, $175,000.

George E. Webb et al. to Henry E. and Karen A. Wilson, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $41,730.

Vickie and Melvin Jeffers to Tisha Haas et al., a parcel in Rome Township, $44,000.

Thomas and John J. Craig to David T. and Beth A. Willis, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $130,000.

John E. and Krystal M. Willis to Karen Perry, 18.95 acres in Union Township, $253,500.

Bryan R. Bryant to Michael S. Davisson et al., 22.65 acres in Perry Township, $20,000.

Jamie L. Cox to Jeri Holzhauser, two parcels in Upper Township, $65,000.

Dianna L. Allen to James H. Phillips Sr., 4.03 acres in Decatur Township, $40,000.

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