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Mary L. Dutey-Amburgey et al. to Kimberly A. Dutey, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, property valued at $47,500.

Steven and Ashleigh Elswick to Marjorie D. Owens, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $140,200.

Mark K. Mays et al. to Betty L. and Hershel Pancake, a parcel in Lawrence Township, $115,000.

Robert R. and Lauren E. Lynd to Christopher Hurst, a parcel in Fayette Township, $234,500.

Riley Development Co. Inc., to Carl E. and Louise Riggs, a parcel in Union Township, $274,000.

Frank Weisenberger to Jason Barton, two parcels in Fayette Township, $70,000.

John S. Wylie to John and Eleanor S. Wylie, a parcel in Union Township, property valued at $39,795.

Jo Ellen Weber to Dakota and Lindsay Taylor, two parcels in Ironton 3rd Ward, $205,000.

Hershel R. and Betty L. Pancake to John M. and Donna K. Sheppard, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $110,000.

MUCU Mortgage LLC to Deann Raines, three parcels in Fayette Township, $32,500.

Robert M. and Carole A. Goldcamp to John E. Waginger, a parcel in Hamilton Township, $30,000.

Phillip E. Willis et al. to Roma Marie McKenzie, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $260,000.

Correnna M. Callicoat to James B. Poole, three parcels in Athalia, $75,000.

Cody Good et al. to Frederick C. Fisher Jr. et al., a parcel in Perry Township, $2,500.

Drexel D. and Ollie Smith to Lexington Residential LLC, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $44,000.

Wallace E. and Karen Humphrey to Randy and Melissa Taylor, a parcel in Windsor Township, $38,000.

Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust 2014-C to Amber McDonald, a parcel in Perry Township, $79,900.

Jo Ann and Jack Hutchinson to Ehren Lowers, a parcel in Union Township, $160,400.

Helen M. Thompson to Stephen Orengo, a parcel in Coal Grove, property valued at $45,000.

Deborah L. Howard-Mullins to John R. and Julie A. Horn, parcel in Elizabeth Township, $11,100.

Harold E. and Willa D. Maynard to Everett Richendollar et al., 3.62 acres in Fayette Township, $18,000.

Doris A. Fulks to Aryan J. and Nikki L. McCombs, parcel in Perry Township, $97,000.

Robert and Mary L. Lambert to Jordan C. and Ashley N. Wells, five parcels in Union Township, $75,000.

Derek B. Groh et al. to Alysia J. Conner, parcel in Upper Township, $219,450.

Damien and Erica Brown to Nicholas Smith, parcel in Upper Township, $6,200.

2019 Castle LLC to John R. and Julie A. Horn, parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, property valued at $16,000.

Jeanine Bledsoe to Dalton J. and Kaylie Sullins, parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $155,000.

Emily Turley to Larry Justice, parcel in Perry Township, $900.

Mark Blevins et al. to Deborah A. Stewart, two parcels in Union Township, $16,500.

Estate of Patricia A. Dalton to Rudolph Dietz et al., $104,100.

Bruner Land Co. Inc., to William W. and Emily D. Keeney, 7.11 acres in Washington Township, $18,900.

Heather L. Lang to Jerry L. and Cassandra S. Abrams, 51.37 acres in Lawrence Township, $210,000.

Joseph and Cassie Meyers to Matthew M. and Jessica K. Campbell, $113,500.

David Riggs to Diana Riggs, parcel in Union Township, $216,500.

Estate of James Gullett to John P. and Julie Cochran, four parcels in Fayette Township, $189,600.

James D. and Cindy L. Yancey to Cheryl and Terry Delawder, 113.95 acres in Elizabeth Township, $165,000.

Ruth J. and William Siders to Beverly A. and Dwane D. Mitchell, two parcels in Rome Township, $235,000.

Nancy R. Roberts to Marianne E. and Leo K. Kakalia, parcel in South Point, $155,900.

Michael A and Sarah L. Wright to Aaron K. Wells, two parcels in Fayette Township, $165,000.

Homer A. and Betty J. Bailey to Mark Delong, parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, property valued at $10,000.

Judy McCoy to Christopher Kimbler Jr. et al., 13.5 acres in Hamilton Township, $10,000.

Toya L. Makin to David F. and Deborah S. Carter, 7.06 acres in Windsor Township, $16,100.

Brad and Dreama Taylor to J. UHL Outdoors LLC, 73.75 acres in Perry Township, $70,000.

Charles C. and Patricia D. Vaas to Mary L. McDonald, parcel in Rome Township, $73,050.

Rebecca L. Flowers to James R. Isaacs, two parcels in Union Township, $129,000.

Martha Butler et al. to Kenneth Carman, parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $10,000.

Huntington National Bank to Danny Holschuh, parcel in Fayette Township, $36,000.

Bruner Land Co. to Gary D. Stevens, 7.03 acres in Washington Township, $17,900.

Gary Pruitt to Hecla Water Association, two parcels in Decatur Township, $52,000.

Resolve Equity Investments LLC to Thomas and Felicia Teasdale, 5.06 acres in Union Township, $22,300.

Brian A. and M. Lorrie Hunt to Meghan Salter et al., parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $42,000.

Dustin Holschuh et al. to Matthew W. and Kelly L. Fannin, parcel in Rome Township, $127,000.

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