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Vickie L. and Robert L. Hamlin to Justin R. Hamlin, 5.52 acres in Windsor Township, $144,000.

Clarke O. and Georgia D. Willis to Kane A. and Danielle Winters, a parcel in Ironton Annex, $180,000.

Timothy G. Butler to Skyox LLC, a parcel in Perry Township, $5,000.

Evelyn D. Carrico to Vickie L. and Robert L. Hamlin, two parcels in Chesapeake, $84,460.

Stephanie L. Pratt to John W. and Nancy L. Smith, 77.37 acres in Union Township, $350,000.

Angela J. Malone to James Shelton III and Jennifer Shelton, 1.26 acres in Upper Township, $30,000.

David M. Bayless et al. to Pollyanna R. Bradley, a parcel in Perry Township, $62,100.

Richard L. Martin to Jeffrey M. Eastham, two parcels in Union Township, property valued at $10,000.

Tina L. Compliment et al. to Michael A. Compliment et al., three parcels in Coal Grove, $52,500.

Rosemary Lewis et al. to Carl D. Pruitt, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $59,000.

Elizabeth L. Adams to Gregory A. and Leigh Worley, two parcels in Ironton 4th Ward, $122,500.

Joseph C. and Lori L. Weber to Madison P. McKenzie, three parcels in Ironton 1st Ward, $78,500.

Carol A. Chaffins to Leanna Jo Jarrell, 2.54 acres in Perry Township, property valued at $64,140.

Sandra J. Baird to William R. and Dianna M. Baird, 5.96 acres in Fayette Township, property valued at $50,000.

Carol Harless to Lighthouse Property Management LLC, a parcel in Fayette Township, $30,000.

William and Gloria Hayslip to George M. Tweel, a parcel in Rome Township, $5,000.

Charles Stapleton et al. to Glen E. Stapleton, two parcels in Proctorville, $10,500.

Wanda W. Spears to David E. and Peggy L. Houck, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $185,000.

Tanner Leatherow to Chad C. and Chasti Dowdy, 3.98 acres in Fayette Township, $217,000.

Aaron S. Fitzpatrick to Danny J. Eckert Jr. et al., 3.91 acres in Union Township, $150,000.

Marla R. and Tyler C. Haslam to Ines Garcia, a parcel in Union Township, $220,000.

Stephen and Martha Hood to Freddie L. Hayes testamentary trust, three parcels in Chesapeake, $120,000.

Floyd E. and Joyce A. Payne to Carlos and Gloria Wills, a parcel in Ironton Annex, $110,000.

Annette R. Miller et al. to Leigh A. Allen, a parcel in South Point, $95,000.

Kane A. and Danielle Winters to Guy Thomas, five parcels in Ironton 1st Ward, $102,000.

Jody and James C. Christian to Steven E. Bennett III and Elena F. Bennett, a parcel in Rome Township, $235,000.

Ad Victorium LLC to Bruce Thomas, a parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $3,000.

James R. and Nancy R. Steed to Kenneth M. and Brandi H. Kelley, two parcels in Upper Township, $63,800.

Jared L. and Chelsie D. Boster to Mandi Jo Ball et al., 1.78 acres in Union Township, $110,000.

Andrew Pinkerman to John and Melissa Pemberton, a parcel in Mason Township, $25,000.

Mark K. Mays et al. to Justine T. Carter et al., 26.95 acres in Upper and Perry Township, $90,000.

Ashley Kissam to Terry S. Caskey et al., a parcel in Coal Grove, $3,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Gregory A. Sabrina, a parcel in South Point, $142,000.

Bruner Land Co. to Jason A. and Jennifer D. Shaw, 8.22 acres in Washington Township, $22,900.

William J. Hilgenberg to Anthony K. Smith et al., a parcel in Perry Township, $500.

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