John A. and Connie I. Ramey to Car Shot Preowned Auto LLC, 15.49 acres in Rome Township, $85,000.

Gary D. and Karen Bazell to Jerry L. and Karen S. Bailey, 1.84 acres in Lawrence Township, $5,000.

Jerry L. and Karen S. Bailey to Margaret J. Bazell, 1.04 acres in Lawrence Township, $5,000.

Howard and Romaine Perdue to Tammy J. and Terence R. Bowen, a parcel in South Point, $127,900.

Estate of John Conley Jr. to Adam C. and Felicia N. Stewart, a parcel in South Point, $79,900.

Ashley L. Miller to Traycie Puckett et al, two parcels in Coal Grove, $106,000.

Carolyn F. and Danny L. Black to Barry D. and Brenda K. Bowman, 6.39 acres in Rome Township, property value at $20,000.

Kenneth K. Roberts to Brian Cade, 6.68 acres in Lawrence Township, $9,000.

JGDM Enterprises and Investment LLC to G&G Properties and Investments LLC, a parcel in Chesapeake, $40,000.

Estate of Ronda A. Howard to Melissa A. Nicely et al, 1.97 acres in Fayette Township, $135,000.

William D. and Kimberly A. Alford to Jared R. and Sara M. Redmond, 2.77 acres in Lawrence Township, $154,000.

Darlene S. Prichard to Kenna S. Keeton, two parcels in Union Township, property valued at $40,000.

Kenna S. Keeton to April Drake, two parcels in Union Township, property valued at $2,500.

Helen M. Hulett to Donald Dalton, a parcel in South Point, $50,000.

JoAnn and Glen F. Carroll to Lonnie and Patricia Watts, two parcels in Rome Township, $79,500.

Kenneth R. and Glenna F. Ramey to Dennis F. and Patrick L. Craft, three parcels in Perry Township, $50,000.

Kendall A. Moore to Charles R. and Linda Schmidt, 2.04 acres in Rome Township, $410,000.

Ida Davis to Ryan Rutt, 2.13 acres in Windsor Township, $103,500.

Northgate Enterprises LLC to James K. and Judy A. Foley, 2.09 acres in Rome Township, $11,500.

Kenneth B. Preston to Michael B. Preston II, a parcel in Ironton First Ward, $115,000.

Ice Creek Land Co Inc. to 719 Inc., two parcels in Ironton 4th Ward, property valued at $877.

Jeremiah and Kimberly Fulks to Lindsay and Jeffrey Lawless, a parcel in Upper Township, $62,500.

Barry Baker to Daren Hamlin, 1.38 acres in Perry Township, $23,980.

James W. and Myriah Madden to Michael E. Pierce, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $25,000.

William C. Bogess to Timmy D. Woodall, a parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $129,000.

Tessa L. Owens to Travis W. Owens, two parcels in Lawrence Township, $63,140.

Jerry L. Bare et al to Frederick R. and Anna Putz, two parcels in Ironton 1st Ward, $125,000.

Rebecca and Charles Wheeler to Frederick and Johnna-Goldcamp Fisher, a parcel in Perry Township, $2,000.

Raymond William May, 41, and Angela Dawn Taylor, 34, South Point.

Loren Forrest Dewitz, 26, and Megan Nicole Murdock, 27, Ironton.

Michael Curtis Wilson, 23, and Callie Jo Madden, 22, South Point.

Joshua Scott Terry, 30, Coal Grove, and Billie Jean Brown, 21, Waverly, Ohio.


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