Timothy Crank et al. to Jeremy S. Crank, a parcel in Upper Township, $1,260.

Lee and Lorna Thacker to GDC Rentals, three parcels in Fayette Township, $18,000.

Deborah B. Meehan et al. to Christopher J. Monnig Sr. and Mary P. Monnig, 1.73 acres in Elizabeth Township, $1,000.

Dorothy Pinkerman to William D. and Kimberly A. Alford, 1.13 acres in Perry Township, $12,500.

Terrance D. Abner to Charles B. Abner et al., 13.41 acres in Elizabeth and Upper Townships, property valued at $58,000.

Jeremy Lucas et al. to Stephen and Deborah Buraham, a parcel in Windsor Township, $3,000.

Angela Marcum et al. to Tammy Brumbaugh, two parcels in Windsor Township, $25,200.

First State Bank to Frank and Linda Crabtree, three parcels in Perry Township, $20,000.

Maxine S. Edwards living trust to Frances G. Bragg, a parcel in Proctorville, property valued at $30,870.

Rebecca L. Daniels to Charles E. and Lois J. McCormick, two parcels in Fayette Township, $45,000.

Kenneth T and Donna L. Lovejoy to Isom and Sandra Ooten, 1.08 acres in Rome Township, $53,000.

Charles D. and Teresa A. Baumgardner, Township Road 333, South Point vs. River's Bend Health Care, South Point, for an unspecified amount of damages, costs, attorney fees and interest allegedly due and for a jury trial.

Tax Ease Ohio, Dallas, Texas, vs. Estate of Kenneth R. Clagg et al., for unpaid taxes allegedly due.

Tax Ease Ohio, vs. Renee A. Fox, Township Road 1021, South Point, et al., for unpaid taxes allegedly due.

U.S. Bank National Association, Independence, Ohio, vs. Deborah L. Bailey, County Road 6, Kitts Hill, et al., $15,732.44 allegedly due.

The Bank of New York Mellon, West Palm Beach, Florida, vs. Brecka Hamlin, Private Drive 934, Chesapeake, et al., $187,872 allegedly due, for lien and for property to be sold.

OneMain Financial Group, Evansville, Indiana, vs. Joseph U. Pace, 733 High St., Coal Grove, $16,538.90 plus interest and costs allegedly due.

Anita D. Wallace, North 3rd Street, Ironton, vs. Jo-Lin Health Care, Ironton, et al., for workers compensation benefits plus costs and attorney fees and for a jury trial.

Richard Hanshaw, Private Drive 72, South Point, vs. Ena Inc., Cincinnati, et al., appeal filed seeking workers compensation benefits.

Cecil I. Walker Machinery Co., Belle, West Virginia, et al. vs. RW Rentals & Supply, 425 Center St., Ironton, $59,281.06 plus interest, costs and attorney fees allegedly due.

OneMain Financial Group vs. James E. Porter, Ora Richey Road, Ironton, $6,051.60 plus costs allegedly due.

Tax Ease Ohio vs. Daryl A. Knipp et al., suit filed seeking back taxes.

Ronda Pruitt, Township Road 1055, Proctorville, vs. Res-Care Inc., Louisville, et al., appeal filed seeking workers compensation benefits.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Eleanor Harris, Washington St., Ironton, $539.54 plus costs allegedly due.

One Main Financial Group, vs. Twyla Patrick, Ohio 141, Kitts Hill, $1,638.79 plus costs allegedly due.


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