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Dwayne E. and Deborah L. Butts to George T. and Tammy L. Butts, two parcels in Coal Grove, $30,000.

Twila Nichols to David and Donna Henderson, three parcels in Athalia, $4,000.

Lucia and Christopher Hayden to Trevor Porter, three parcels in Rome Township, $9,000.

Tazia Ferguson to Casey D. Hale, two parcels in Coal Grove, property valued at $30,000.

Antonio R Sorbilli to Derek W. and Bianca N. Wentz, a parcel in Fayette Township, $85,000.

Darryl A. Nicely to Duane R. Nicely, two parcels in Union Township, property valued at $17,500.

Duane R. Nicely to Daryl A. Nicely, a parcel in Union Township, property valued at $12,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Benjamin T. Dillon, three parcels in Rome Township, $35,000.

Shelley Salmons to Shawn and Alexis Dillon, 28 acres in Rome Township, $17,000.

Paskell and Vera A. Dillon to Clinton J. and Samantha Copley, two parcels in Lawrence Township, $110,900.

Timothy Bodmer et al to Debra E. Vigneron, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $63,000.

Marathon Petroleum Co. to American Hydraulic Services Inc., 18.76 acres in Ironton, $185,000.

Ber Real Estate Investments I LLC to ARG Be23PROP02 LLC, 1.31 acres in South Point, $2,163,781.

Roy D. Johnson to Real Alternative Properties, a parcel in Rome Township, $59,500.

Linda Delaney to Danny and Dustin Holschuh, a parcel in Rome Township, $69,000.

Terri L. and Justin R. Williams to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., a parcel in Fayette Township, $58,667.

Sonia L. Fry to Laelia LLC, a parcel in Perry Township, $84,248.

Diana L. Petroff et al to Karissa Davidson, a parcel in Chesapeake, $134,900.

Nichole L. and Robert J. Seals to Zachary T. White and Traci M. White, 1.93 acres in Windsor Township, $82,000.

Thomas J. Templeton to Ryan E. Taylor, a parcel in Union Township, $143,000.

Tommi K. Palmer to Michael D. and Mary E. James, two parcels in Ironton 4th Ward, $180,000.

Melissa D. Meacham and Robert A. Meacham Jr. to David and Laura Moir, 1.22 acres in Union Township, $60,000.

Jonathan David Kouns, 22, and Tessa Marie Waugh, 23, Waterloo.

Zane Ray Reynolds, 25, South Point, and Larisa Katlyn Joseph, 23, Kitts Hill.

Zachary Elijah Moine, 28, and Brittney Nichole Mays, 23, Wayne, West Virginia.

Christopher Michael Burgess, 21, and Melinda Jade Young, 23, Lawrence County.

Christopher Wayne Burrell, 27, and Nemsey Deanna Sanchez, 20, Lawrence County.

Samantha Ray Ross, 23, and Gregory Alek Barker, 23, Cabell County.

Rebecca Dian Hall, 68, and Trudy Dea Hall, 62, Lawrence County.

One Main Financial Services, Evansville, Indiana, vs. Lisa A. and John R. Nance, County Road 64, Willow Wood, $3,976.43 plus interest and costs allegedly due.

Nationstar Mortgage, Coppell, Texas, vs. Jill S Bone, Township Road 1105, Proctorville, $102,091.117 plus interest and costs allegedly due, for lien and for property to be sold.

The Ohio Valley Bank, Gallipolis, Ohio, vs. Joseph A. and Brittany Stallo, County Road 16, Pedro, et al, $88,760.42 plus interest and costs allegedly due, for lien and for property to be sold.

Ditech Financial LLC, Tempe, Arizona, vs. Daryl and Ciney Russell, Ohio 373, Pedro, for possession of collateral.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Nikki L. Peters, Township Road 1427W, South Point, $2,224.98 plus costs due.

Melisa and Joey Kidd, County Road 22, Ironton, vs. Estate of Donald L.Sisler, Disterdick Lane, Franklin Furnace, Ohio, et al, $10,750 plus costs allegedly due.


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