Debra Dellay to Jason and Tawnya Runyon, two parcels in Ironton 2nd Ward, $41,000.

Randy L. Mullins to Bert Aldridge, a parcel in Elizabeth Township, $1,000.

Michael N. and Teresa A. Runyon to Danny J. Hall, a parcel in Rome Township, $149,000.

Thomas E. and Robin Blake to Tanner Leatherow, 6.31 acres in Fayette Township, $240,000.

Christopher A. and Donna G. Suber to Brandon L. and Keely B. Mays, a parcel in Fayette Township, $90,000.

James O. Bennett Jr. and Redith G. Bennett to Benjamin Coleman III et al., a parcel in South Point, $160,000.

Gordon L. Collins Jr. to Austin and Sumer Collins, 3.22 acres in Washington Township, $95,000.

Patsy J. Little to U.S. Bank Trust, a parcel in Lawrence Township, $25,000.

Delbert L. Perry, trustee, et al. to Dreama S. Ashworth, three parcels in Perry Township, $25,000.

Daniel E. Cade et al. to Brian J. Cade, a parcel in Lawrence Township, $34,000.

Timothy Cade to Brian J. Cade, a parcel in Lawrence Township, $6,000.

Deborah E. Deer et al. to Danny and Lorelei Holschuh, a parcel in Perry Township, $79,000.

Shirley D. and Rita H. Allen to Jared F. and Justin L. Hathaway, 215.91 acres in Washington Township, $260,000.

Alice R. Morgan et al. to Brandon S. Hitchcock et al., two parcels in Perry Township, $25,000.

Edmond and Diana Wright to Tania A. and Kirt W. Hotmer, 74.1 acres in Rome Township, $160,000.

Wilmington Savings, trustee, to John and Beverly Peyton, 1.72 acres in Hamilton Township, $6,500.

Andrea Johnson to Ronda Fry, 4.66 acres in Union Township, $5,000.

Meredith and Beth Heinz to Allen Sligar, 4.2 acres in Perry Township, $24,000.

Jesse Roach-Fisher to J&J Holdings II, a parcel in Waterloo, $20,000.

Phillip S Brown to J&J Holdings, two parcels in Waterloo, $15,000.

Kathy and Alan Cremeans to David L. and Barbara Renfroe, one acre in Mason Township, $27,500.

Kathy and Alan Cremeans et al. to David L. and Barbara Renfroe, 72.53 acres in Mason Township, $27,500.

Nancy Medley to Mark A. and Marissa A. Floyd, two parcels in South Point, $56,565.

Jerry R. and Lisa L. Thompson to John A. Russ et al., a parcel in Fayette Township, $112,500.

Deborah K. Bradley to Aaron and Katrina Cremeans, a parcel in Rome Township, $40,000.

James V. and Marjorie O'Leary to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $53,334.

Glenn D. Adkins Jr., to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, a parcel in Fayette Township, $30,067.

John D. and Jackie K. Lambert to U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, 36.14 acres in Lawrence Township, $37,067.

U.S. Bank National Association to Julia Webb, a parcel in Upper Township, $23,500.

Betty K. Church to Austin D. Waugh, 1.98 acres in Mason Township, $6,000.

Quinn Land Development Co. to Richard Bond, a parcel in Rome Township, $65,000.

Harold and Sadie Sloan to Sandra J. Breault et al., two parcels in Washington Township, $32,000.

Terry Dean Gillum III, 19, and Britany C. Brown, 18, Ironton.

Ryan Lee Prichard, 36, Beckley, West Virginia, and Ashley Ann Plumley, 32, Chesapeake.

Anthony Twain Hamilton Jr., 25, Tollesboro, Kentucky, and Cassandra Brachelle Christian, 23, South Point.

Mickey Alan Babcock, 35, Lawrence County, and Jacinda Nicole Huston, 27, Marietta, Ohio.

Jeremy Todd Watts, 31, Chesapeake, and Amber Renee Sansom, 34, Huntington.

Jacob E. Jenkins, 28, Lawrence County, and Christina Marie Strathman, 30, Worthington, Kentucky.

James B. Nutter & Co., Kansas City, Missouri, vs. Carol J. Nofel, Township Road 1107, Proctorville, et al., $117,902.82 plus interest allegedly due, for lien and for property to be sold.

Bette Bradshaw, Ohio 218, Crown City, vs. Quality Care Nursing, South Point, et al., appeal filed seeking workers compensation benefits.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Virginia, vs. Amanda Laber, Disterdick Lane, Ironton, $1,785.11 plus costs allegedly due.

American Family Mutual Insurance Co., Bloomington, Illinois, vs. Kay E. McGuire, County Road 27, Pedro, $14,334.49 plus interest and costs allegedly due.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Savannah Cade, South 5th Street, Ironton, $1,373.09 plus costs allegedly due.


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