ROBBERY AND ASSAULT: A 42-year-old Proctorville area man reported last week that his ex-wife grabbed his wallet containing $600 and then backed up a vehicle, running over his legs and abdomen.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: A 42-year-old Ironton area woman reported last week that her husband began beating her in her face, arms, head and stomach. She fell to the floor and he started kicking her and threatened to beat her with a gun and kill her. The woman said she then fired a shot near him and he took his gun and beat her in the head with it. She said that over the course of their marriage, he has beaten her more than 50 times.

BURGLARY: A 42-year-old Proctorville area man reported last week that someone stole two window air conditioners, a lamp and golf clubs from his mother's residence. The items were valued at $3,050.

TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE: A sheriff's deputy arrested James Stover, 37, of Garden Gate Drive, Lavalette, last week on charges of violation of a protection order and tampering with evidence and transported him to jail.

CONVEYANCE OF DRUGS: Several employees at the Lawrence County Jail found alleged drugs inside of clothing left for an inmate at the jail.

THEFT: A 68-year-old Proctorville area man reported Sunday that someone stole a Polaris Razor from his driveway. Keys to the vehicle were inside his residence when he left. The vehicle is valued at $18,000.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A 40-year-old Chesapeake area man reported last week that his roommate hit him, knocking him to the ground and threatened to kill himself if he contacted authorities. The man left before authorities arrived.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A 52-year-old Chesapeake area man reported last week that a relative pushed him out of a chair and shoved him to the floor. A sheriff's deputy arrested a 28-year-old man and transported him to jail on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.

THEFT: A representative of Select-A-Vape reported earlier this month that an employee made $2,318.20 in fraudulent charges.


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