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HUNTINGTON - Marshall University has released its dean's list for the 2019 spring semester.

To make the dean's list, students must have a 3.3 or above grade point average for a minimum of 12 hours. Students who requested their names not be published are excluded from the list. Students' hometowns are listed as provided by the students.

The full dean's list can be found at

Here are the Ohio students who made the list.

BIDWELL: Thomas W. Edgar II.

CHESAPEAKE: Kaitlin A. Bentley, Austin V. Carpenter, Sabrina D. Dennis, Addison A. Fizer, Madison E. Gilpin, Rachel R. Handley, Ryan A. Jarrell, Jozy M. Jones, Shayne W. Lindsey, Devin A. Mace, Darby J. McCloud, Kenneth F. Morgan, Michael B. Morgan, Kelly N. Romans, Tatiana N. Schrader, Jenna C. Taylor, Brittney N. Tibbs, Kolton A. Webb, Sydney N. Wellman.

CHILLICOTHE: Emily F. Dresbach, Alexandra S. Evans, Colton J. Lytle, Travis W. Stevens, Laura J. Stiltner.

COAL GROVE: Nathaniel Brumett, Katie S. Fields.

CROWN CITY: Brennen M. Criswell, Lesley K. Small, Andrew C. Wood.


GALLIPOLIS: Melissa S. Baird, Corinne J. Boyer, Caleb R. Burnett, Joshua B. Davis, Joshua A. Grube, Levi R. Metheney, Jessica L. Neal, Maria P. Ovalle, Bethany H. Purdum, Jacob E. Saunders, Kaden M. Thomas, Bailey N. Watson, Morgan R. Watson, Derek R. Webb, Hannah B. Westfall, Katie M. Westfall, Michaela D. Williams.

IRONTON: Arianna N. Brown, Alexa N. Dickerson, Franklin E. Ford, Gavin M. Grizzle, Curtis M. Hunt, Marlee N. Kaiser, Noah M. Lambert, Jordan M. McMaster, Amber M. Neal, Anna L. Preston, Julie B. Rogers, Albert C. Schoener, Barbara J. Schoener, Sydney B. Wain, Charles R. Walters, Thomas M. Williams, Clay V. Willis.

KITTS HILL: Nikki J. Brammer, Dylan L. Malone.

LUCASVILLE: Hayleigh M. Barnhart, Allison N. King, Brookelynn R. McBee, Leh T. Osborne, Brandon L. Rowe, Andrew J. Wolford, Abigail C. Wright.

PEDRO: Joseph R. Besco, Charles C. Nelson.

PORTSMOUTH: Kayleigh L. Coleman, William M. Garrison, Katelyn E. Hale, Rebecca J. Martin, Levi R. Monraga Fontes, Ireland P. Riley, Trenton M. Rodbell, Alexandria J. Smith, Tabitha M. Williams.

PROCTORVILLE: Alexis B. Adkins, Kelly R. Begil, Sarah E. Blatt, Sharon A. Blofeld, Brandon L. Bradley, Emily N. Brammer, Brittany L. Burns, Matthew Campbell, Sarah A. Combs, Morgan E. Fridley, Samuel T. Godschalk, Grant T. Hawthorne, Lindsey M. Hawthorne, Shane J. Hineman, Caelan A. Huff, Jamie A. Irwin, Kali N. King, Matthew T. McComas, Aaron E. Murphy, Taylor A. Perry, Mary L. Piaskowski, Laura K. Rice, Christopher M. Roach, Kyle A. Sowards, Rebecca R. Stevenson, Sarah J. Stevenson, BreAnna K. Vest, Braden R. Ward, Hanna J. Watson.

SOUTH POINT: Jonathan E. Armstead, Jordan M. Bartrum, Kendall M. Bryant, Richard J. Chapman, Kailee N. Christian, Marquis J. Harris, Merrick J. Harris, Tori S. Koukos, Harrison J. Letchford, Mikayla L. Lewis, Paige M. Looney, Kobe B. McWhorter, William P. Morgan, Sophia M. Morrison, Michael A. Oldham, Erica R. Peyton, Sydney M. Rice, Abigail R. Ross, Christopher J. Roy, Caleb W. Saxton, Douglas R. Shaffer, Jonathan T. Still, Tina R. Tran, Brooke M. Whaley, Alexander C. Whitt, Joseph D. Williams.

VINTON: Colton M. Edge, Caitlin R. Gilmore.

WEST PORTSMOUTH: Donald S. Shepherd, Katelyn B. York.

WHEELERSBURG: Stephanie N. Clevenger, Nicholas T. Doerr, Lane D. Gleim, Ashley L. Lewis, Katherine A. Masters, Allison S. McKenzie, Keaton A. Newsome, Margaret F. Salmons, Ryan E. Scaife, Tyler D. Speas, Leann N. Spradlin, Breydan K. Tilley.

WILLOW WOOD: Jacqueline M. Shaw.


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