Courtesy of Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. Coach Shelly Young, left, Jonah Skiles, right, MBA and Director of Fitness Operations at Teays Physical Therapy Center and Potential Plus present the Gamer of the Week award to Bailey Fisher, center, of Hurricane High.

Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc. and The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week's female Gamer of the Week to sophomore Bailey Fisher of the Hurricane High School soccer team.

Coming off a AAA State Championship during the 2018 season, Hurricane is back to their winning ways with a 6-0 record to begin the season at the time of writing.

Sophomore, Bailey Fisher has been a dominant force leading the Redskin's offense, racking up goal after goal in the first few weeks of the new year.

Over the past two weeks in particular, Fisher had some notable performances. In a 3-0 win over Huntington High on Aug. 27, Fisher netted two of the team's goals for their second win of the season. Flash forward a week, and Fisher's results really start to jump off the page.

In a 14-0 dismantling of South Charleston on Sept. 3, the star forward/attacking midfielder put together an 8 goal, 1 assist performance in which Hurricane led 10-0 at halftime. Two days later, the Redskins took it to St. Albans with a 13-0 victory. Fisher supplied 6 of the 13 goals as Hurricane cruised to another victory.

Fisher attributes her successes to all of her hard work in the offseason.

"All of my extra workouts and practice throughout the year leading up to the season is really what I think has led to some of the success I've had," she stated.

When asked about the team's goals, Bailey assured that their main goal is to win another state championship, but that they also want to boast the best defense in the state. When you have a star offensive player buying into the team goal of being at the top of the defensive ratings, that's a recipe for success. Head Coach Shelly Young echoed the goal of being the top defensive team in the state and said, "Bailey takes a lot of pressure off of our defense and allows them to play freely. We know that she will be up there creating offense and giving our team a chance to get on the scoreboard. That frees us up to not play nervous or scared and be aggressive in our defensive approach."

Coach Young also commented on what it's like to be around Bailey and her teammates stating, "They're all great girls. I've been around Bailey for many years with my daughter being on the same team with her. She's quiet, but she has a bit of a dry sense of humor, so that's a fun thing that keeps it light. All of them are just a joy to be around."

Bailey draws her inspiration to succeed from her mom.

"She always works really hard to make sure I have opportunities to pursue the sport I love. As a single parent, she has been my support system all along."

Bailey has been a member of FCA and Key Club during her time at Hurricane and boasts a 4.0 GPA. She noted that she would like to use those grades to go on to play soccer at a D1 college. She has been looking at several schools, including WVU.

Please look for other local high school athletes to be named in next week's female Gamer of the Week Sponsored by Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. and The Putnam Herald.

Jonah Skiles, MBA, is the Director of Fitness Operations at Teays Physical Therapy Center and Potential Plus.


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