Courtesy of Jill Sergent Hurricane High School's Class of 2019 boasts 111 students who are eligible for the PROMISE Scholarship.

The Putnan Herald

HURRICANE - Out of 329 total, 111 members of the Hurricane High School Class of 2019 are eligible for The PROMISE Scholarship, according to a news release from the school.

The merit-based scholarship provides annual awards up to $4,750 to cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees at public or independent institutions in West Virginia. The students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, at least a 22 composite score on the ACT, with no less than a 20 in each subcategory.

"Hurricane High School would like to congratulate these students for their hard work which has obviously paid off," the school stated in the release.

PROMISE-eligible students from Hurricane High are:

Brayden Adams; Bailey Allen; Kelsey Ashworth; Alik Assi; Kailyn Bailey; Abigail Baker; Ainlsee Batt; Justin Belcher; Gavin Bell; Cameron Berry; Olivia Bird; Callen Bostic; Haley Bowman; NIcholas Brown; Emily Browning; Peyton Burford; Stacy Butler; Yilin Cai; Loren Canterbury; Eden Cantrell; Marissa Carter; Gwyneth Cartwright; Alexia Clark; Randy Clark; Hannah Clatworthy; Cameron Collins; Adam Cook; Jacob Cooper; James Cooper; Gwyneth Cox; Carter Damron; Sydney Daniels; Seth Davis; Andrew Dean; Carson Diehl; Thomas Donovan; Lauren Duespohl; Hannah Elgin; Brianna Fernandez; Ryan Fisher; Jack Fuentes; Chloe Fullen; Dalton Geter; Lacey Gibson; Alyssa Gillenwater; Aaron Goldsberry; Caleb Gooden; Caylee Greene; Makayla Guinn; Adam Gulley; Adele Gulley; Olivia Hart; Madison Haynes; Thomas Hefner; Abigail Howat; Isaac Hunter; Torianna James; Alice Johnson; Colton Jones; Cameron Kimble; Kryzstof Kudlak; Madison Leary; Joshua Lovejoy; Brooke Lucas; Sara Lusher; Trinity McCallister; Taylor McCray; Timothy McCutchen; Alexandra McDaniel; James McPherson; Riley Meadows; Shelby Metz; Jacob Morgan; Joseph Muto; Natalie Neville; Olivia Newhouse; Chayce Newman; Serena Nichols; Tylee Oldham; Jayden Pardue; Andrew Parker; Hunter Parsons; Miranda Pate; Kaylie Pauley; Elleanor Payette; Ashlyn Pechon; Lydia Peterson; Madelaine Pifer; Allen Quinlan; Brandon Ramsey; Samuel Reeder; Blake Ross; Megan Salmons; Christopher Sanders; Nikolas Saunders; Tahya Schmidt; Jenna Sergent; Alivia Slate; Margaret Smith; December Sniff; Riley Stephens; Austin Stover; Rachel Stump; Mallory Thomas; Anna Tingler; Brooke Tinsley; Randy Trout; Bryce Underwood; Bryce Vickers; Carly Ward; Natalie Watson; Brooke Welch; Sydney Wheeler; Jayce Wright; Grant Young.


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