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PARKERSBURG - West Virginia University at Parkersburg is pleased to announce its President's and Dean's scholars for the spring 2019 semester.

President's scholars

Students on the president's list maintained a 4.0 grade point average while earning 12 or more hours of college credit. The scholars include:

Mason County

- Letart: Cynthia Hendrick; Noah Litchfield;

- Mason: Isaiah Pauley;

- New Haven: Keely Ankrom;

Putnam County

- Scott Depot: Melissa Melton;

Dean's scholars

Students named to the dean's list maintained a 3.5 grade point average while earning six or more hours of college credit. The scholars include:

Logan cCunty

- Chapmanville: Jared Topping;

- Logan: Natasha Townsend;

Mason County

- Leon: Jason Bechtle;

- Letart: Jeff Jodon;

- Mason: Brady Kinzel; Jennifer Nance; Courtney Rickard;

- New Haven: Lauryn Fields; Jared Lake;

- Point Pleasant: James Dabney; Casey Davis;

Putnam County

- Hometown: Joseph Nesbitt;

- Hurricane: Michelle Kuhn; Jordan Lane;

- Scott Depot: Erica Rhodes;


- Nelsonville: Grace Hobbs;

- Pomeroy: Nadezhda Moore.


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