TEAYS VALLEY — The Putnam County Library has released a list of new books it received in June for patrons to check out. They are categorized under fiction and nonfiction and listed alphabetically by the author's name, followed by book title:

New fiction

— Allan, Barbara: "Antiques Ravin'"

— Andrews, Mary Kay: "Sunset Beach"

— Bagshawe, Tilly: "Sidney Sheldon's The Silent Widow"

— Bauermeister, Erica: "Scent Keeper"

— Brandreth, Benet: "The Assassin of Verona"

— Brenner, Jamie: "Drawing Home"

— Brooks, Terry: "The Fall of Shannara: The Stiehl Assassin"

— Brown, Dale: "Kremlin Strike"

— Brown, Rita Mae: "Whiskers in the Dark"

— Brunstetter, Wanda: "Brides of the Big Valley"

— Byler, Linda: "A Second Chance"

— Chamberlin, Holly: "Summer Nanny"

— Chiaverini, Jennifer: "Resistance Women"

— Cleveland, Karen: "Keep You Close"

— Collins, Sara: "Confessions of Frannie Langton"

— Correa, Armando: "The Daughter's Tale"

— Cussler, Clive: "The Oracle"

— Darke, Minnie: "Star-Crossed"

— Dickey, Eric Jerome: "Before We Were Wicked"

— Elliott, Lexie: "The Missing Years"

— Fajardo-Anstine, Kali: "Sabrina & Corina"

— Ferencik, Erica: "Into the Jungle"

— Fisher, Suzanne Woods: "On a Summer Tide"

— Gabhart, Ann H.: "The Refuge"

— Gear, W. Michael: "Pariah: Donovan"

— Gingrich, Newt: "Collusion"

— Gray, Shelley Shepard: "Hold On Tight"

— Green, Jane: "The Friends We Keep"

— Haines, Carolyn: "Game of Bones"

— Hambly, Barbara: "Prisoner of Midnight"

— Harms, Kelly: "The Overdue Life of Amy Byler"

— Harris, Thomas: "Cari Mora"

— Harvey, Kristy: "The Southern Side of Paradise"

— Hilderbrand, Elin: "Summer of '69"

— Hunter, Denise: "Summer by the Tides"

— Jackson, Lisa: "Paranoid"

— Keane, Mary Beth: "Ask Again, Yes"

— Koryta, Michael: "If She Wakes"

— Labuskes, Brianna: "Girls of Glass"

— Linden, Eugene: "Deep Past"

— Mallery, Susan: "The Summer of Sunshine & Margot"

— Marcelo, Tif: "The Key To Happily Ever After"

— McMahon, Jennifer: "The Invited"

— McPhail, Diane: "The Abolitionist's Daughter"

— Michaels, Fern: "Hot Shot"

— Modesitt, L.E.: "Endgames"

— Newport, Olivia: "The Inn at Hidden Run"

— Oates, Joyce: "My Life as a Rat"

— Page, Katherine Hall: "The Body in the Wake"

— Papantonio, Mike: "Law and Addiction"

— Patterson, James: "Unsolved"

— Peterson, Tracie: "Wherever You Go"

— Ramos, Joanne: "The Farm"

— Rimmer, Kelly: "The Things We Cannot Say"

— Rovin, Jeff: "Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Sting of the Wasp"

— Shipman, Viola: "The Summer Cottage"

— Steel, Danielle: "Lost and Found"

— Thomas, Bev: "A Good Enough Mother"

— Thomas, Jodi: "The Little Teashop on Main"

— Wait, Lea: "Thread on Arrival"

— Waldherr, Kris: "The Lost History of Dreams"

— Weiner, Jennifer: "Mrs. Everything"

— Weir, Alison: "Anna of Kleve"

— Woods, Stuart: "Skin Game"

New nonfiction

— Armstrong, Heather: "The Valedictorian of Being Dead"

— Atkinson, Rick: "The British are Coming"

— Bach, David: "The Latte Factor"

— Backman, Fredrik: "Things My Son Needs to Know about the World"

— Borneman, Walter: "Brothers Down: Pearl Harbor"

— Chang, Gordon: "Ghosts of Gold Mountain"

— Coffey, Wayne: "They Said it Couldn't Be Done: The 69 Mets"

— Coonts, Stephen: "Dragon's Jaw"

— Douglas, John E.: "The Killer Across the Table"

— Ensler, Eve: "The Apology"

— Gaiman, Neil: "The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omen"

— Gbajabiamila, Akbar: "Everyone Can Be a Ninja"

— Geist, William: "Lake of the Ozarks"

— Geroux, William: "Ghost Ships of Archangel: The Arctic Voyage"

— Greene, Jayson: "Once More We Saw Stars"

— Horwitz, Tony: "Spying on the South"

— Jones, Brian: "Becoming Dr. Seuss"

— Kershaw, Alex: "First Wave"

— Kilgariff, Karen: "Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered"

— Kranish, Michael: "The World's Fastest Man: Major Taylor"

— Levy, Shawn: "Castle on Sunset"

— Luetkenhaus, Holly: "Austentatious: Jane Austen Fans"

— Maglin, Nan Bauer: "Widows' words: Women Write on Experience"

— Manne, Kate: "Down Girl"

— Maraniss, David: "A Good American Family: The Red Scare"

— McCabe, Andrew: "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America"

— McCarthy, Matt: Superbugs: "The Race to Stop an Epidemic"

— McRaven, William H.: "Sea Stories: My Life in Special Operations"

— Reichl, Ruth: "Save Me the Plums"

— Rinaldi, Karen: "(It's Great to) Suck at Something"

— Roloff, Jeremy & Audrey: "A Love Letter Life"

— Rose, Sarah: "D-Day Girls: The Spies Who Armed Resistance"

— Saujani, Reshma: "Brave Not Perfect"

— Shenher, Lorimer: "This One Looks Like a Boy: My Gender Journey"

— Snyder, Rachel: "No Visible Bruises"

— Stanley, Paul: "Backstage Pass: Starchild's All-Access Guide"

— Synnott, Mark: "The Impossible Climb"

— Travis, Randy: "Forever and Ever, Amen"

— Ward, Vicky: "Kushner, Inc."

— Wenzke, Ali: "The Art of Happy Moving"

— Zuckoff, Mitchell: "Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11"


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