Anya Wakefield/The Putnam Herald The Service Station, a new IDD Waiver agency in Poca, offers a unique life skills training program for those 18 and older with disabilities to help them find purpose by serving others. Pictured are Service Station staff and program participants.

POCA — "Everything we do here has a purpose," says Becky Frampton about her new Poca-based business called Service Station, an IDD Waiver agency with a unique vision that provides services for people with disabilities.

When hearing "Service Station," one may associate the words with an old-time neighborhood gas station with cheap gas, ice-cold soda, bubble gum machines, and also a place where everyone knows everyone. Although it is not selling gas, the agency has adopted the fun theme by decorating the interior with vintage signs and objects as a reminder of "what a community used to be." "The Service Station is actually an agency that provides services to folks that need them the most," Frampton said. "We will still offer you a cold drink and a Moon Pie, but your experience here will be so much more than that."

The Service Station offers most of the standard services, but the main focus, which sets the agency apart, is on helping those with disabilities to become a part of a community by participating in service projects.

"We have a day program for those 18 and over that we like to call a vocational center for living skills that offers pre-vocational training out in the community to try for different skill sets, so that, hopefully, depending on their level of ability, they may be ultimately employed somewhere, if that's the path they choose," Frampton said.

The agency has partnerships with people, businesses and organizations in the communities that provide such service opportunities.

As a mother of a son with disabilities, who is now 25, Frampton said it was hard to find a place in Putnam County to help him transition once he graduated from high school.

"After they get out of high school, there's just nothing. And God wouldn't leave me alone about it," said Frampton.

She said she felt the calling to make a difference in the life of her son and others like him, and so, several years later, the Service Station came into existence with a vision to "create a safe place where folks can come and find their purpose through serving others despite limited abilities."

To find out more about the agency and services they offer, visit www.servicestationllc.com, or call 304-769-8077.


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