The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between Nov. 14 and 21, 2019:

Joseph M. and Karen S. Tyree to William W. Mitchell. Lot, Scott District, $215,000.

Andrea Archer to Nicholas W. and Stephanie A. Bragg. Lot, Hurricane, $145,000.

Casey A. and Michelle Levy to Megan and Michael Peaytt. Lot, Scott District, $140,000.

Neely R. Jr. and Stephanie M. Arthur to Kimberly Cheryl Frasure. Lot, Winfield, $330,000.

Wayne L. and Karen T. Lively to Nealy R. Jr. and Stephanie M. Arthur. Lot, Buffalo, $345,000.

David R. and Allyson L. Pugh to Michelle and Casey Adam Levy. Lot, Scott District, $194,900.

Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Heather M. Miller. Lot, Scott District, $132,000.

Barbara T. Bell and David M. Walker to Jared J. Hudson. Lot, Hurricane, $117,000.

Clifton F. and Margaret L. Dedrickson to Elizabeth Dedrickson. Lot, Curry District, $132,000.

Michael S. and Brandi S. Marcum to Eric S. Cline. Lot, Union District, $214,500.

James A. and Kathleen O’Connor to Undrena D. and Corey Gause. Lot, Scott District, $490,000.

Corey N. Garcia to Brenda Kaye and Ronald Gregory Hayson. Lot, Hurricane, $159,900.

Monroe Cornett and Lori Jones Hicks to Emma J. Ware, Victor T. Ho and Colleen A. Ware. Lot, Scott District, $190,000.

James H. and Toni A. Heady to Christopher W. and Sommer R. Dosier. Lot, Scott District, $445,000.

Franklin A. Pierson Jr. and Ryan M. Pierson to Dennis Adam and Tazma Lynn Criss. Lot, Curry District, $215,000.

Shirley J. Young to Donald R. and Connie S. Carpenter. Lot, Curry District, $155,000.

Karen D. Hyre to Ryan Douglas Brown. Lots, Curry District, $269,000.

Madge A. Dawson to Edith S. Newhouse. Lot, Scott District, $160,000.

Sybil W. Moore to Katherine E. King. Lot, Scott District, $138,000.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Nov. 14 and 21, 2019:

Zachary Roger Milbee, 26, of Poca and Katie Marie Parsons, 32, of Kenna.

Putnam County divorces were unavailable between Nov. 14 and 21.

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