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HURRICANE — The Putnam County Library has released its list of new books acquired in December and available for patrons to borrow. To learn more about activities and updates at the library, visit


Archer, Jeffrey: “Hidden in Plain Sight”

Barres, E.A.: “They’re Gone”

Bryndza, Robert: “Shadow Sands”

Carlyle, Rose: “The Girl in the Mirror”

Clark, Julie: “The Last Flight”

Clipston, Amy: “An Amish Christmas Wedding”

Connolly, John: “The Dirty South”

Danforth, Emily: “Plain Bad Heroines”

Escobar, Mario: “Remember Me”

Gear, W. Michael: “The Alpha Enigma”

Green, Amy Lynn: “Things We Didn’t Say”

Gregory, Philippa: “Dark Tides”

Hardesty, Nancy: “The Bonnet Book”

Hardy, Mina: “After All I’ve Done”

Harris, C.S.: “Who Speaks for the Damned”

Harrow, Alix E.: “The Once and Future Witches”

Horowitz, Anthony: “Moonflower Murders”

Johnson, Daisy: “Sisters”

Khemiri, Jonas: “The Family Clause”

Martin, Valerie: “I Give It to You”

McBride, James: “Deacon King Kong”

McCall Smith, Alexander: “How to Raise an Elephant”

Meier, Leslie: “Christmas Card Murder”

Miri, Yu: “Tokyo Ueno Station”

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia: “Mexican Gothic”

Patterson, James: “Deadly Cross”

Roanhorse, Rebecca: “Black Sun”

Roberts, Nora: “The Awakening”

Taylor, Patrick: “An Irish Country Welcome”

Thomas, Elisabeth: “Catherine House”

Von Ziegesar, Cecily: “Cobble Hill”

Walter, Jess: “The Cold Millions”

Washington, Bryan: “Memorial”

Webber, Heather: “South of the Buttonwood Tree”

Weiden, David: “Winter Counts”

Yang, Susie: “White Ivy”

Yu, Charles: “Interior Chinatown”


Akins, Lauren: “Live in Love”

Andersen, Kurt: “Evil Geniuses”

Anderson, Scott: “The Quiet Americans”

Atlantic Monthly Press: “The American Crisis”

Baker, Peter: “The Man Who Ran Washington”

Brosh, Allie: “Solutions and Other Problems”

Cannell, Michael: “A Brotherhood Betrayed”

Carey, Mariah: “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”

Cohen, Michael: “Disloyal”

Cruz, Ted: “One Vote Away”

Eger, Edith: The Gift: “12 Lessons to Save Your Life”

Fonda, Jane: “What Can I Do?”

Goudeau, Jessica: “After the Last Border”

Gowdy, Trey: “Doesn’t Hurt to Ask”

Hannity, Sean: “Live Free or Die”

Hobbs, Jeff: “Show Them You’re Good”

Logevall, Fredrik: “JFK: Coming of Age”

McElroy, Clint: “The Adventure Zone Petals to the Metal”

Michaelis, David: “Eleanor”

Mitchell, Elizabeth: “Lincoln’s Lie”

Mlodinow, Leonard: “Stephen Hawking: Memoir of Friendship”

Oliver, Jamie: “7 Ways”

Payne, Les: “The Dead are Arising”

Rogak, Lisa: “Who is Alex Trebek?”

Scobie, Omid: “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan”

Seinfeld, Jerry: “Is This Anything?”

Shearer, Clea: “The Home Edit 360”

Smarsh, Sarah: “She Comes By it Natural: Dolly Parton”

Sullivan, Kevin: “Trump on Trial”

Wolkoff, Stephanie: “Melania and Me”

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