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TEAYS VALLEY — The Putnam County Public Library has released its list of new books acquired in March. To keep up with library events and resources, visit https: “//


Abriel, Anita: “Lana’s War”

Adams, Ellery: “Ink and Shadows”

Armstrong, Kelley: “A Stranger in Town”

Ashcroft, Jenny: “Meet Me in Bombay”

Berenson, Alex: “The Power Couple”

Box, C.J.: “Dark Sky”

Brazier, Eliza Jane: “If I Disappear”

Brightwell, Emily: “Mrs. Jeffries Demands Justice”

Brunstetter, Wanda: “The Robin’s Greeting”

Cabot, Amanda: “Dreams Rekindled”

Childs, Laura: “Haunted Hibiscus”

Clipson, Amy: “Amish Midwives”

Cousens, Sophie: “This Time Next Year”

Cussler, Clive: “Fast Ice”

Dalton, Julie: “Waiting for the Night Song”

Doshi, Avni: “Burnt Sugar”

Eason, Lynette: “Active Defense”

Ellison, J.T.: “Her Dark Lies”

Feehan, Christine: “Lightning Game”

Finlay, Alex: “Every Last Fear”

Fisher, Helen: “Faye, Faraway”

Fisher, Suzanne Woods: “The Moonlight School”

Fluke, Joanne: “Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder”

Freeman, Brian: “Infinite”

Graham, Heather: “Danger in Numbers”

Harris, Charlaine: “The Russian Cage”

Hart, John: “The Unwilling”

Hawke, Ethan: “A Bright Ray of Darkness”

Hurwitz, Gregg: “Prodigal Son”

Irvin, Kelly: “Her Every Move”

Ishiguro, Kazuo: “Klara and the Sun”

Jance, J.A.: “Missing and Endangered”

Jones, Jr., Robert: “The Prophets”

King, Stephen: “Later”

Koontz, Dean: “The Other Emily”

Lowe, Katie: “Possession”

McDonald, Christina: “Do No Harm”

Meier, Leslie: “Irish Parade Murder”

Oates, Joyce Carol: “The (Other) You”

Peterson, Tracie: “Destined for You”

Preston, Douglas: “The Scorpion’s Tail”

Quinn, Julia: “Bridgerton: The Duke & I”

Ryan, Jennifer: “The Kitchen Front”

Sawyer, Kim Vogel: “From this Moment”

Schaffhausen, Joanna: “Every Waking Hour”

Steel, Danielle: “The Affair”

Woods, Stuart: “Double Jeopardy”


Blain, Keisha: “Four Hundred Souls”

Blow, Charles: “The Devil You Know”

Coates, Ta-Nehisi: “The Beautiful Struggle”

Duster, Michelle: “Ida B. the Queen”

Grant, Adam: “Think Again”

Katz, David: “Barack before Obama”

Keeney, Charles: “The Road to Blair Mountain”

Kite, Lindsay: “More Than A Body”

Lacey, Robert: “Battle of Brothers”

Lehrer, Riva: “Golem Girl”

Levine, Barry: “The Spider”

MacDonald, Helen: “Vesper Flights”

Maerz, Melissa: “Alright, Alright, Alright”

McElroy, Justin: “Everybody has a Podcast”

Morain, Dan: “Kamala’s Way”

Petersen, Anne: “Can’t Even”

Rapinchuk, Becky: “Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home”

Rutherford, Adam: “How to Argue with a Racist”

Saunders, George: “A Swim in a Pond in Rain”

Scarborough, Joe: “Saving Freedom”

Simpson, Jessica: “Open Book”

Smith, Mychal: “Stakes is High: Life After the American Dream”

Tate, Christie: “Group”

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