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TEAYS VALLEY - The Putnam County Library has released its list of new books acquired during the month of August. The library offers e-books to cardholders through hoopla and Libby digital services, plus many other online resources. Visit to learn more.

New fiction August 2019

Acevedo, Elizabeth: "With the Fire on High"

Alger, Cristina: "Girls like Us"

Bell, David: "Layover"

Box, C.J.: "Bitterroots"

Brown, Sandra: "Outfox"

Brunstetter, Wanda: "The Healing Jar"

Buxton, Kira Jane: "Hollow Kingdom"

Campbell, Michael: "A Stranger on the Beach"

Cantor, Melanie: "Death and Other Happy Endings"

Chase, Bethany: "One Night at the Lake"

Chaudhry, Mamta: "Haunting Paris"

Coonts, Stephen: "The Russia Account"

Coulter, Catherine: "Labyrinth"

Crais, Robert: "A Dangerous Man"

Crouch, Blake: "Recursion"

Dickson, Allison: "The Other Mrs. Miller"

Edvardsson, M.T.: "A Nearly Normal Family"

Ferrell, Drema: "Betaken"

Frear, Caz: "Stone Cold Heart"

Gerard, Anna: "Peach Clobbered"

Goodkind, Terry: "Hateful Things"

Gray, Shelley Shepard: "The Loyal One"

Hawkins, Karen: "The Book Charmer"

Henry, Christina: "The Girl in Red"

Higgins, Kristan: "Life and Other Inconveniences"

Hlad, Alan: "The Long Flight Home"

Holahan, Cate: "One Little Secret"

Holsinger, Bruce: "The Gifted School"

Johansen, Iris: "Smoke Screen"

Johnson, Tara: "Where Dandelions Bloom"

Keller, Julia: "The Cold Way Home"

Kirk, Shannon: "Gretchen"

Lauren, Christina: "The Unhoneymooners"

Lippman, Laura: "Lady in the Lake"

Malerman, Josh: "Inspection"

Mallery, Susan: "California Girls"

Marks, Mary: "Knot on Her Life"

Martin, George R.R.: "Knaves Over Queens"

McKinnon, Hannah: "Her Secret Son"

McKinty, Adrian: "The Chain"

Meacham, Leila: "Dragonfly"

Mehl, Nancy: "Fire Storm"

Michaels, Fern: "Cut and Run"

Mitzner, Adam: "A Matter of Will"

O'Nan, Stewart: "Henry, Himself"

Orenstein, Hannah: "Love at First Like"

Patterson, James: "The Inn"

Patterson, James: "The Warning"

Penny, Louise: "A Better Man"

Phillips, Helen: "The Need"

Poston, Ashley: "The Princess and the Fangirl"

Preston, Douglas: "Old Bones"

Reardon, Bryan: "The Perfect Plan"

Reeves, Virginia: "The Behavior of Love"

Sager, Riley: "Lock Every Door"

Slaughter, Karin: "The Last Widow"

Snelling, Lauraine: "A Song of Joy"

Steel, Danielle: "The Dark Side"

Stradal, J. Ryan: "The Lager Queen of Minnesota"

Talley, Liz: "A Down Home Christmas"

Townsend, Peggy: "The Thin Edge"

Wendig, Chuck: "Wanderers"

White, Roseanna: "The Number of Love"

Whitehead, Colson: "The Nickel Boys"

Wieland, Liza: "Paris 7 A.M."

Wiggs, Susan: "The Oysterville Sewing Circle"

Williams, Lara: "Supper Club"

Wilson, Andrew: "Death in a Desert Land"

Winfrey, Kerry: "Waiting on Tom Hanks"

Woods, Stuart: "Contraband"

New nonfiction August 2019

Arnold, Katie: "Running Home"

Callahan, Maureen: "American Predator"

Carr, Erin Lee: "All That You Leave Behind: A Memoir"

Cohen, Rich: "The Last Pirate of New York"

DiFranco, Ani: "No Walls and the Recurring Dream: A Memoir"

Fairweather, Jack: "The Volunteer: Secret Mission to destroy Auschwitz"

Fifield, Anna: "The Great Successor"

Filgate, Michele: "What My Mother and I Don't Talk About"

Guinn, Jeff: The Vagabonds: "Henry Ford and Thomas Edison"

Houlahan, Peter: "Norco '80"

Hunt, Amber: "Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered"

Jackson, Laura: "Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe"

Jain, Shaili: "The Unspeakable Mind"

Redfern, Nicholas: "Area 51"

Rueckert, Veronica: "Outspoken"

Safer, Jeanne: "I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics"

Scorah, Amber: "Leaving the Witness"

Sexton, Jared: "The Man They Wanted Me To Be"

Stanley, Matthew: "Einstein's War: How Relativity Triumphed"

Stewart, Kate: "A Well-Read Woman: Legacy of Ruth Rappaport"

Taran, Randy: "Emotional Advantage: Embracing All Your Feelings"


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