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From left, Joe Sowers, Shanti Giles, Victor Stallard Sr. and Victor Stallard Jr. deliver shoes to Buffalo Elementary School through the Putnam Shoes for Children program.

HURRICANE — Putnam Shoes for Children is beginning our sixth annual Spring Campaign for the fall 2021-2022 school year, and we need your help.

You make a difference in a child’s life daily, as the donation you give helps us to purchase shoes just for that child’s feet. Each day, the child can attend school in comfort and make their childhood experiences more positive than negative in the classrooms, at recess, and socially with their peers. It is this passion for helping children to “fit in” and be able to concentrate in class that our organization is committed. We help them so they have the same opportunities needed to succeed in life.

We purchase shoes twice a year for the children of need — once in September and once in the February/March time schedule. Most children’s feet grow a size every four to six months. With this schedule, the children most likely will be wearing shoes that fit their feet throughout the year.

100% of the monies given to our organization goes directly to purchase shoes and socks for the children of need. We do not even buy a postage stamp with any donations received.

Purchasing a new pair of shoes is another errand to many of us, but to a child in need, it can be the difference between concentrating on their classroom studies and not their circumstances. Comfortable shoes that fit their feet enable children to play at recess, returning to class ready to learn.

To date, our program has purchased over 2,000 pairs of new, quality shoes for children of need that is measured just for their foot. There are over 4,200 children of need in the pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms in Putnam County alone, and the need continues to increase.

These children must attend school whether they have proper fitting shoes or not. Their families must choose whether to buy food or shoes. We are their voices that can make their childhood experiences more positive than negative. Your contribution helps us help these children of need.

You can donate by mail to: PO Box 1050, Hurricane, WV 25526 or you can use our donate button on our Facebook page @putnamshoesforchildren.

For more information, contact Debbie Pye at

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