Courtesy of Joe Stevens The Nitro Convention and Visitors Bureau is bringing re-enactors portraying President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, pictured, of the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum in Wytheville, Virginia, to Nitro. They will be arriving in Nitro by antique motorcade on Saturday, June 29.

NITRO  The Nitro Historic Commission and the St. Albans Historical Society are bringing the River Queen Riverboat from BB Riverboats out of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Nitro for both a Buffet Cruise and a Sightseer Cruise on June 30.

These cruises will be a joint fundraising effort for both historic committees.

The Nitro Historic Commission is raising funds to make our museum, located at 2003 20th St., Nitro, ADA compliant and handicapped-accessible for all people. This work includes grab bar/handrails in the restroom, reworking doorways for manual and motorized wheelchairs, as well as handicapped-accessible light switches, soap dispensers, etc.

The museum honors Nitro's beginnings as a World War I gunpowder plant with many artifacts, including the first flag to fly over Nitro and a Wall of Honor for Nitronians who have served our country. It also has a Nitro room with many photographs and articles covering Nitro citizens. Check out the museum's Facebook page, Nitro World War I Museum.

The St. Albans Historical Society is raising funds to purchase and install an air-conditioning unit in the museum located at 404 4th Ave., St. Albans, adjacent to the C&O Depot. They were founded in 1972 to preserve the 1846 Morgan's Kitchen Museum and are still contributing to preserving St. Albans history for future generations. The museum houses hundreds of vintage photos, books and artifacts. Check out the Society's webpage, www.stalbanshistory.com.

To kick off this event, the Nitro Convention and Visitors Bureau is bringing President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson of the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum in Wytheville, Virginia, to Nitro. They will be arriving in Nitro by antique motorcade on Saturday, June 29. Also in the motorcade will be Captain E.J. Smith of the St. Albans Historic Society. There will be a presentation at noon by the Wilsons at Nitro's Living Memorial Park on 21 Street and 2nd Avenue. This presentation (including live sheep) is free and will be educational for children and entertaining for all.

The Buffet Cruise, boarding at 11 a.m. June 30, has sold out. We are taking names for a waiting list in case tickets become available. Sponsorships are still available as well.

The Sightseer Cruise will board at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, at the Robert C. Byrd Boat Launch located on Main Avenue in Nitro. This cruise will have snacks available and a cash bar on board. Historical characters will be wandering throughout the boat, greeting and educating the cruisers. This cruise has 200 tickets available and they are $10 each.

You may purchase your tickets for the Sightseer Cruise at Town & Country Supply, Inc. in Nitro, 304-755-3520, or Village Sampler in St. Albans, 304-722-0123.

For any additional questions or information, call Jennifer Hensley at 304-419-4524.


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