Members of the Putnam Rotary Club gathered at Valley Park on July 16 to honor one of their own.

George D. Six had been an inspired leader of Rotary for 43 years when he passed away unexpectedly on April 13, 2019.

He was inducted into Rotary as a member of the Point Pleasant club in 1975, and served as its president in 1983-84.

As his career with Appalachian Power took him up the Kanawha River, he was a member of Putnam Rotary from 1996 to 2001.

While manager of the AEP Simulator Learning Center, he joined St. Albans Rotary in 2001 and served as president of the club in 2010-11.

Six was inducted a second time into Putnam Rotary in 2012 where he attended regularly and served as mentor, secretary and board member.

Despite repeated attempts to get Six to affirm his return to Putnam because it was the best club in the valley, George maintained that the transfer actually was a matter of convenience. George and spouse Jennifer lived in Hurricane, and, fact is, the Putnam meetings are closer than either St. Albans or Point Pleasant.

At the district level for southern West Virginia, George served as a training chairman and webmaster for the new membership internet database. He was recognized six years ago for his work, having posted records for every member of every club in the district.

George Six held a degree in electrical engineering from WVU, but Putnam Rotarians learned that George's interests extended far beyond the technical world of voltage, ohms and kilowatts. George studied art, history and philosophy through old grave markers in New England. And he gladly shared his interests in genealogy and local history.

While George Six seldom missed a meeting or service activity, he was recognized twice as a Rotarian of the Year, three times as a Paul Harris Fellow, a special award for support of the Rotary Foundation. But he never missed a chance to offer a helping hand and a word of encouragement.

And these are a few of the reasons Putnam Rotary gathered in front of the Convention Hall at Valley Park on July 16 to mark a public bench in memory of his years of service and friendship to the club and to all who knew him.


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