Courtesy of Teays Valley Presbyterian Church Emily Perks is the new director of Children and Youth Ministries at Teays Valley Presbyterian Church.

Pastor Kyle Key and members of Teays Valley Presbyterian Church are very pleased to announce the recent naming of Emily Perks as the new director of Children and Youth Ministries.

Perks is a long-time Putnam County resident and grew up as a member of Teays Valley Presbyterian Church. With an educational background in psychology and early childhood development, Perks found her way back to Teays Valley Presbyterian through Leaps and Bounds, their early learning center.

She has been working with the toddler group for the past five years. She has a total of almost 15 years of experience working with young children and their families through a variety of programs.

"Being able to do what I love and to share God's love while I do it, is my greatest blessing as a preschool teacher and now as the director of Children and Youth Ministries," Perks said. "I look forward to expanding my reach and providing children within our community the opportunity to grow, learn, and serve as part of a loving church family!"

As the director of Children and Youth Ministries at Teays Valley Presbyterian Church, Perks hopes to build a church culture that "meets families where they are" in their faith journey through established programs like Sunday School as well as creating new and engaging programs for children and their families.

With this goal in mind, Perks has been working on plans for the new family-oriented, summer program ENGAGE for TVPC families and the community.

The free program will be on Tuesday evenings, July 9, 16, 23, and 30 from 6 to 8 p.m.

"The ENGAGE program is a practical course for adults that addresses the role of social media in our lives and the lives of our children," Perks said. "This is great for any parents who may want some creative, connected, and faith-based ways for dealing with their child's social media use. The ENGAGE program will address raising our kids in a 'social media generation,'

"I really connected with this program because of its focus on managing social media in our lives, not eliminating it. It doesn't condemn social media users as the problem, but instead empowers us as individuals to take control of the way we use social media to engage in relationships. The program really promotes communication between parents and their children on this crucial topic that we all deal with," Perks said.

The time for learning and fellowship will include a family meal, the ENGAGE course for adults, and an engaging children's program with classes for 4-year-old children through high schoolers.

It is the hope that this program will be a time for building relationships with our church family and other families in our area, as well as a resource for families looking for Christ-centered guidance on this issue.

A pre-registration for the program by Wednesday, July 3 is requested, though not required. If a family has not pre-registered, they will need to register the first evening they attend.

Registration may be completed on our website, www.teaysvalleypresby.com, through the event on our Facebook page, or by calling 304-757-6073. To answer any questions or for more information, you may contact Emily Perks, the TVPC Director of Children and Youth Ministries, or Dr. Kyle Key, pastor of the church.

Teays Valley Presbyterian Church is located at 5339 Teays Valley Road in Scott Depot.


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