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CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Social Studies Fair returned to an in-person format on April 29 after two years of COVID disruptions. The West Virginia Department of Education hosted more than 500 students and 282 projects at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center, according to a news release.

The Social Studies Fair recognizes the outstanding achievements of students and encourages them to practice information and communication skills, thinking and problem-solving skills, and interpersonal and self-directional skills. Students are provided the opportunity to interpret the cultural, social, political, geographic, and economic forces of issues and events so they may understand the nature of social studies more fully.

Winners in our region are:

Division I, Anthropology, Individual

  • 3rd: Jake Gregg, Wayne County, “My Genealogy”

Division I, Anthropology, Group

  • 1st: Cayden Napier and Jamie Hundley, Wayne County, “White Tail Deer Hunting”

Division I, Economics, Individual

  • 2nd: Kenya Bailey, Wayne County, “Honey Bees”
  • HM: Jacob Peters, Boone County, “The Financial Benefits of Hunting”

Division I, Political Science, Individual

  • 1st: Journee Meddings, Wayne County, “Rosa Parks: What If She Gave Up Her Seat?”

Division I, Psychology, Individual

  • HM: Camilee Colegrove, Boone County, “How Phobias Can Affect a Person’s Life”

Division I, Sociology, Individual

  • 2nd: Kayleigh Jo Mays, Boone County, “Learn ASL: It’s Handy”

HM: Trevor Donald, Wayne County, “How The Red Cross Helped My Family”

Division I, Sociology, Group

  • 1st: Bentley Roark, Bentley Ord, Weston Arms and Kane Petry, Wayne County, “From Holler To Hall of Fame”

Division I, State & Local Studies, Individual

  • HM: Harrison Morris, Boone County, “What is So Wild and Wonderful about WV Parks?”

Division I, State & Local Studies, Group

  • HM: Max Cobourn and Landon Watts, Wayne County, “The Ramsdale House”

Division I, U.S. History, IndividualHM: Makynlee Bragg, Wayne County, “Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier”

Division I, World History, Group

  • HM: Ainsley Brumfield, Emelia Harris, Ellie Ray Maynard and Scout Maynard, Wayne County, “How American Girl Dolls Inspired Our Love of History”

Division II, Economics, Individual

  • 1st: Caroline Davis, Wayne County, “Memorial Tunnel”

Division II, Economics, Group

  • 3rd: Sarah Landers and Sophie Randolph, Putnam County, “How Covid Affected the Local Meat Industry”

Division II, Geography, Individual

  • 1st: Jonah Mays, Boone County, “Gateway Arch National Park: Celebrating the Expansion with Innovation”

Division II, Psychology, Group

  • 1st: Mylee Simpkins and Madison Rhodes, Putnam County, “Beyond the Green Pastures Mental Health in Farmers”

Division II, Sociology, Individual

  • HM: Addison Bailey, Wayne County, “Harry Potter and It’s Cultural Impact”

Division II, Sociology, Group

  • 2nd: Larson Barkey and Lucy Smith, Putnam County, “Salem Witch Trials”
  • 3rd: Genesis Tee and Zoey Stevens, Wayne County, “Triangle Factory Fire”

Division II, State & Local Studies, Group

  • 1st: Ashtyn Johnson and Bailey Raynes, Putnam County, “Farm Fresh, Fun — West Virginia Agritourism”

Division II, U.S. History, Individual

  • 2nd: Coltin Davis, Wayne County, “Fred Rogers”

Division II, U.S. History, Group

  • 3rd: Caden Maynard and Riley Blankenship, Wayne County, “Ringling Brothers”

Division II, World History, Individual

  • 1st: Logan Sears, Cabell County, “Banjo: This is How I Roll”

Division III, Anthropology, Individual

  • 3rd: Dakota Browning, Boone County, “Jeep: Toughest 4 Letter Word on Wheels”

Division III, Anthropology, Group

1st: Isaiah Akers and Thomas Payne, Cabell County, “Social Cognition”

Division III, Political Science, Individual

  • 2nd: James Workman, Boone County, “Should You Dance with Mary Jane?”

Division III, Sociology, Individual

  • 2nd: Aaron Bonyak, Cabell County, “Effects of Discrimination Against Trans People”

Division III, State & Local Studies, Individual

  • 1st: Nicole Robinette, Boone County, “Poisoning Parkersburg: The Science of Scandals”
  • 3rd: Ashton Luke Brumfield, Wayne County, “WV’s Swift Swing”

Division III, World History, Individual

  • 2nd: Brett Atkins, Boone County, “The Dyatlov Pass Incident”

Division III, World History, Group

  • 1st: Blaise Schray, Alexandra Biddle and Ella Adkins, Cabell County, “How a Container Changed the World” Visit for the complete results.

Courtney Hessler is a reporter for The Herald-Dispatch, primarily covering Marshall University. Follow her on and via Twitter @HesslerHD.

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