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MORGANTOWN -- It's still hard for West Virginia State Police Trooper J.T. Gallaher to pass the secluded house on Sugar Grove Road where he found five people murdered last Labor Day.

"I can't drive past the house without thinking about it," Gallaher said. "It was tough."

State police believe a Star City man's crime spree began at the house, just off U.S. 19, and spanned three states before it ended in Lewis County, Ky., where he shot and killed himself after being stopped by a sheriff's deputy.

Police have said Shayne Riggleman, 22, used a high-powered rifle to shoot and kill the occupants of the house -- Charles Richardson III, 49; his wife, Karin Richardson, 50; her children, Kevin Hudson, 17, and Katrina Hudson, 22; and Katrina's fianci, Robert Raber Jr., 30.

Katrina Hudson was six months pregnant. Her unborn baby also died.

Charles Richardson's daughter, Candice, said the house was left untouched and has been locked up for the past year. Her grandfather, who lives nearby, made the decision to leave it alone.

Candice is now married, with a baby due in six weeks. She is also a full-time mother to her 2-year-old stepson.

Candice said she thinks about the murders "all the time."

"It's complicated," she said. "It took a while not to be depressed or cry when I think about losing all those people. ...It's been tough. I loved them very much, and I still do."

In a Facebook message, Candice's brother, Chaz Richardson, added: "It's been a stressful year."

Gallaher said many unanswered questions remain.

"There are a lot of questions I can't answer because it's impossible," he said, citing the sequence of events as one example. "There are a lot of questions I'd like to be able to answer for the family, but I just can't."

A second request for Gallaher's final report on the investigation was mailed Friday.

An early request submitted by The Dominion Post was denied July 9 by state police officials in Charleston, who said the investigation was still pending. However, Gallaher said he completed his investigation months ago.

After leaving the Sugar Grove Road house, police believe Riggleman traveled to Fairchance, Pa., where he met with an ex-girlfriend who refused to leave with him and later contacted police.

He also struck a stranger's vehicle and ran over the driver after she exited the vehicle. That woman -- Sidney Bush -- did not respond to a Facebook message seeking comment in time for this report.

Riggleman headed south after leaving Fairchance and stopped at a Roane County gas station. Police said he shot an employee and attempted -- unsuccessfully -- to steal his vehicle.

The bullet hit the right side of Donnie Nichols' neck, where it meets his shoulder, and exited without hitting any bones or major arteries.

Nichols, 57, said he felt numb from the neck down for two or three months afterward. He could feel it if someone touched him, but "it was an odd feeling, like someone touching me with a coat on," he said.

He still has some numbness in the back of his neck and on the bottom of his feet that doctors said may have been caused by the shooting.

Nichols, who was applying for disability and only working part-time before the shooting, has not returned to work. He thinks about the shooting every day and said he's "still trying to deal with the fear of being shot again."

"I think about how it happened, what I could have done different and hope I don't have nightmares," Nichols said.

He forgave Riggleman immediately, however, and said he doesn't hold a grudge.

"You can't get forgiveness if you don't forgive," he said. "I'm very fortunate. It's by the grace of God I'm here."

Riggleman's rampage ended when he was stopped by a Kentucky sheriff's deputy. A young couple called 911 to report his erratic driving and said he was trying to run them off the road.

Police believe he shot himself in the head as soon as he was pulled over.


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