Submitted photo Ceredo-Kenova Funeral Home & Crematorium will have a new name following its acquisition by the Reger family. Reger Funeral Home & Crematory–Ceredo-Kenova Chapel at 1135 US 60 in Ceredo, will open its doors under the Reger family on Aug. 24, 2019.

CEREDO — Ceredo-Kenova Funeral Home & Crematorium will have a new name following its acquisition by the Reger family.

The Reger family, with five generations of funeral service to families at their longtime location in Huntington, will open their second funeral home location in Ceredo, the family announced Friday.

"Reger Funeral Home & Crematory - Ceredo-Kenova Chapel at 1135 U.S. 60 in Ceredo will open its doors under the Reger family on Aug. 24, 2019," Andrew Reger said.

Andrew Reger is the son of Patrick Reger and a fifth-generation licensed funeral director. He will manage the new location, which offers an on-site crematory as well as updated spaces for funeral and memorial services.

"Our family has more than a century of experience in providing dignified, respectful and compassionate care to our community in Huntington, and we're excited to be able to extend that care to the Tri-State region from Ceredo," said Patrick Reger, owner and licensed funeral director of the Reger Funeral Home & Chapel.

"With the addition of our own crematory, families who choose cremation can rest assured that their loved one stays completely within our care," he added.

Patrick Reger stated that funeral arrangements made with the former owners will be honored and prepayment plans will continue seamlessly.

"We welcome families to consider preplanning and prepayment now to provide peace of mind and to create memorable, individualized services," he said. "The Reger family and all the staff of Reger Funeral Home look forward to extending our excellent service to the Ceredo-Kenova community."

Ceredo Mortuary Chapel Inc. was built in 1979 by Thomas E. Ferrell, the funeral director, and his wife, Della Dalton Ferrell. They operated an ambulance service out of the funeral home from 1979 until 1992.

A 30-foot addition was added to the B Street side in late 1988 and early 1989.

Ferrell sold the funeral home to the Loewen Group International Inc. in 1998.

In December 2000, the now-defunct Loewen Group International Inc. sold the funeral home to West Virginia Funeral Group, headquartered in Parkersburg. The name was changed to Ceredo-Kenova Funeral Home.

In 2003 an adjacent property was acquired from Burlile Oil Co. The gas station was demolished to provide additional parking.

On Nov. 2, 2005, the business was sold to Charles L. Patrick and Matthew A. Chambers. Both were already members of the staff, and this brought the establishment back to a locally owned and family-operated business.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2012, Ceredo-Kenova Funeral Home became solely owned by Matthew A. Chambers.

To learn more about Reger Funeral Home & Crematory, preplanning a funeral or cremation, visit online at www.regerfuneralhome.com.

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