HUNTINGTON — A teen accused of making threats toward other students at Cabell Midland High School will be released from jail after reaching an agreement with prosecutors to waive his initial evidence hearing.

Harrison Grant Taylor, 18, who is facing six counts of stalking and one count of terroristic threats, was scheduled to appear for a preliminary evidence hearing Tuesday, but instead waived his right to the hearing in exchange for being released on home confinement, according to his attorney, Kerry Nessel.

His case will now be presented to a grand jury for possible indictment.

Taylor was arrested Friday after Cabell Midland Assistant Principal Kellie Daniels told Cabell County sheriff’s deputies she learned from a teacher that Taylor allegedly maintained a list of students he wanted to kill. After interviewing Taylor, she found he did have a “Purge Day To-Do” list — referring to the movie “The Purge,” about a fictional society where murder and crimes are legal for one night only — but he said it was not something he would act upon.

The list, along with a suicide note dated Nov. 13, was found on his phone.

Nessel said his client was the victim of bullying at school.

“This is a case about freedom of speech and the First Amendment,” he said. “This is a case about a bunch of bullies bullying a quiet kid, somebody nobody is actually protecting at that school, even after numerous complaints. That’s what this case is about.”

According to the complaints, the to-do list said “torture and kill” and then listed six male students. The list then said “Rape, torture and kill” and listed two female students.

Also on Taylor’s cellphone were threatening letters directed at one of those male students, who was dating Taylor’s ex-girlfriend last school year, according to the complaints. The letters were dated in August and March and apparently Taylor never sent them.

Deputies interviewed that male student, who said Taylor had shown up at one of his jobs three times between March and June. Taylor allegedly showed up at another of the student’s jobs on Nov. 18.

The student said Taylor would come in and “linger and stare at him.” One time Taylor called the student an expletive before the student’s boss asked Taylor to leave, according to the complaints.

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