HUNTINGTON — The Huntington Museum of Art has installed a new mural titled “Overture” by Don Pendleton in its Virginia Van Zandt Great Hall. The mural, which consists of six acrylic-on-canvas panels, was installed by HMA assistant curator/preparator John Farley on Jan. 9.

“It’s great to start a new year by unveiling such an impressive work of art by a popular artist and friend to the Huntington Museum of Art,” said Geoffrey K. Fleming, HMA executive director, in a news release.

Working out of Dayton, Ohio, Pendleton is a Grammy Award-winning designer and illustrator. Growing up in Ravenswood, West Virginia, Pendleton became interested in skateboarding. After earning a BFA in graphic design from Marshall University, Pendleton began designing skateboard graphics professionally for Alien Workshop skateboards in 1998.

Pendleton, a former Huntington Museum of Art Walter Gropius Master Artist, has taken part in exhibits and solo shows in France, Britain, Italy, Belgium and Germany, and his artwork has appeared in dozens of art, skateboard and culture magazines. In 2014, Pendleton won a Grammy Award for his illustration and design work on Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” album.

“The goal with this piece was to create a subtle mood for the entryway of the museum. I wanted something that felt organic in the space, a piece that would complement the interior rather than stand out too much,” Pendleton wrote in his artist statement. “In sketching it out, I tried to imagine the shapes and color as a kind of visual music, an intro for the building as visitors enter and prepare to see the exhibits and experience all the museum has to offer.”

Pendleton went on to express his thought process behind the creation of the new mural, which he describes as having “almost … a flat, 2D sculpture look to it.”

“I hope the movement of the shapes and the balance of the color create that visual rhythm, the kind of low background music that you might hear before a concert or a show; something that subtly adds to the environment and blends in rather than stands out,” Pendleton wrote.

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