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Courtesy of Danny Grace A fishermen takes advantage of new benches installed along Asbury Road, in Wayne.

At its April meeting, the Wayne Town Council unanimously approved a purchase for around $1,900, dedicated to stocking large-mouth bass in the stretch of Twelvepole Creek that runs through the town of Wayne.

Toney Atkins brought forth the proposal - which would cover the cost of about 2,000 bass and includes bluegill and minnows as bait and feeder fish - and suggested that adding this stock of bass could restore Twelvepole Creek to its former glory as a primary bass fishing spot in the state.

"Twenty-five or 30 years ago, Dickson Dam was one of the top five bass fishing spots in the state and before that bridge fell you would see trucks and other vehicles there all the time. Now people go up to Hinton and other places up north to fish for bass. There's no place around here outside of the mountains that has a good bass spot," Atkins said.

Atkins said the idea has been in his head for quite some time now and after discussing with local anglers, it was time to take a step forward. The restocking of the creek coincides with other improvements being made in the area.

"One of the things we were talking about when we put some of these fishing benches in was getting people to use Twelvepole more in this little section. Wayne doesn't have a lot of things to do that draw people in, but one thing we can do is try and make it one of the best bass fishing spots in the state," he added.

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources told Atkins the location would be perfect for large-mouth bass and that the area had all the necessary foliage and cover to support a large population. Atkins also cited how successful the area is during trout season. While they are some bass in the creek now, a higher population could keep bodies along the river through the spring and summer months.

"When they stock the trout, people line up and down Twelvepole. Let's make that stretch a good spot," Atkins said. "If we stock some bass in this spot for the next few years, we would have people drawn in from all around the state and surrounding areas right here in Wayne."

Atkins said he hopes to get the creek stocked as soon as possible so that the fish are of good size by the time bass season comes around.


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