No matter where you look, the news is bad — very bad.

Australia is burning. Hottest temperatures in history, perhaps the driest ever. Animals are dying by the millions. Thousand of houses have been destroyed.

Climate change is to blame, at least partially. But it’s clear the American president doesn’t care.

What else doesn’t he care about? What about the fact that ornithologists say North America has 25% fewer birds than 10 or 20 years ago.

I can vouch for that, at least at Peyton Place. There are fewer birds this winter than ever in the 72 years I have lived here. Fewer cardinals, fewer sparrows. It’s sad and scary.

Then there are the scientists who say that, in a matter of a few decades, a million species will be extinct. Some of them will be extinct because of natural selection. But man and climate change will be the main reason.

And bees are on the way out. Insecticides are mostly to blame, apparently. And when they are gone, the fruits and vegetables that rely on them as pollinators will be gone. And man will go hungry and many will probably starve.

On top of all this, a president who doesn’t have a clue about how to handle foreign relations and who knows very little about what the Constitution says is about to drag this country into a war with Iran and God-knows-who-else.

I am writing and submitting this column on Monday. By the time it is published on Wednesday, we could be in the thick of President Trump’s War, a war I suspect many of his evangelical supporters are praying for.

Do you think his visit to the Christian right immediately after assassinating the number 2 Iranian was happenstance? Not on your life. These people believe in, and are praying for, the battle of Armageddon, the final war between human governments and God as they believe it is outlined in the Book of Revelation.

They believe this final battle will force the death of all the bad Democrats — er, bad people — at the hands of “God’s people.” And of course, they and Trump are God’s people.

Well, their prayers might be answered, but not by God but by Trump, who they say was sent by God.

Well, if God sent him, put me down as one vote in favor of sending him back.

But it may be too late.

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