I know we are in for a civil war, but I didn't expect it to begin in earnest now. I didn't expect until late November of 2020.

If Trump loses next year, it will be a signal to his true believers that they must revolt in an attempt to get him back in office for life. That is what he wants.

If Trump wins, it will be a strong message to his followers that they are in a majority and white supremacy coupled with blatant racism in all its forms is the order of the day. They will have the duty to follow through with restoring white people to power, or so they believe.

But alas, the civil war has already begun. Who is leading the charge? White supremacists? Yes. The mentally ill? Yes. The lonely, deranged men and women who fear this world of diversity? Absolutely. Those who believe Trump is the Robert E. Lee of this new civil war? Most certainly.

Other countries have violent video games. Other countries have the internet through which crazies spew their hate. But none of them have a General Donald Trump leading their country down a road that is pockmarked with bullet holes, dead bodies and more-than-daily mass shootings.

Other countries have dealt with the problem of too many guns and guns meant only for war. They have done something, even if what they have done seems wrong. But they have solved gun problems.

White supremacy and racism are not at the root of the problem. Hate and fear are the root of the problem. And Trump is at the root of hate.

He mocked a man with a physical disability. He called African nations something I cannot repeat in this column. He personally attacked four congresswomen of color. He called Mexicans rapists, murders and invaders. He indicated that a predominantly African-American congressional district in Baltimore is a hopeless mess.

And he has done all this as he treats dictators around the world with kid gloves.

All this tends to bring out the worst in racists.

I am not totally convinced Trump is one of them. But I am thoroughly convinced Trump looks down his nose at everyone because he believes he is better, smarter and more deserving than any human being.

Trump stands 100 percent behind those who are leading the civil war charge in his name.

The words that come out of his mouth these days seem to reject racism and hatred. But they are too late. All Trump has said and done till now make what he says today hollow in their meaning.

In time, those who started this civil war will lose. I still have faith that the majority of are well-meaning patriots. Some may have to admit they were wrong, that a white-only nation free of diversity is not what America is about and never will be.

But before this civil war comes to an end, I fear what might happen in the interim.

Dave Peyton is on Facebook. His email address is davepeyton@comcast.net.


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