As we mountain folks like to say:

What a mess.

But it didn’t become a mess a few days ago when it was revealed Trump said jump and the comedian turned president of Ukraine said “How high, sir?”

That’s a mess for sure, but it has been a mess for more than two years, ever since it was revealed that President Trump was heard to say it was OK to grab a women in her nether regions.

  • Or when the day he was inaugurated his minions announced that the number of people attending the inauguration was the largest gathering in the history of presidential inaugurations.
  • Or a few months later when he said “Secton 2” of the U.S. Constitution allowed the president (that was him) to do anything he wanted to do.
  • Or the day he proudly announced he could stand in the middle of New York’s Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and no one would arrest him.
  • Or the almost daily indication he has no clue about the technical details of the U.S. Constitution, and doesn’t want to know about them.

Now the U.S. House of Representatives is looking into the possibility of impeaching him.

The Republicans in Congress (bless their hearts) claim this will surely constipate the business of the lawmaking bodies.

Wait a minute. Do they think we are so dumb that we think anything good has happened for the people since Trump took office because of the man? The good economy? Not his doing.

Trump will say nothing good is going to happen unless he is re-elected next year and both houses are packed with Republicans.

Meanwhile the Democrats tell us that nothing good is going to happen unless the people elect a Democratic president, keep the House Democratic and vote more Democratic senators.

That is the way of politics.

The Constitution says that impeachment may be applied to a president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Sound vague? It is. Sound criminal? It isn’t. While an impeachment is similar to an indictment and what follows is similar to a trial by jury in the Senate, it isn’t a criminal trial.

The whole shebang is heavily political. The Democrats would vote for Trump’s impeachment. The Senate is slightly Republican and is not likely to vote to remove him from office. Politics. Politics. Politics.

Congress will drag along as it has for years. Nothing will change because of impeachment investigations. Who is to blame? Almost every politician in Washington.

When will it end? No one can say.

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