I think I saw the future of the 2020 general election and politics beyond when Republicans or President Trump or someone made Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi look like a zombie by altering a video clip of her and posting it on Facebook.

It was all over Facebook and the Internet before Facebook tried to delete it but failed.

Later the Democrats (perhaps) put the voice of President Obama over the visage of Trump while indicating that is the only way Trumplestiltskin will ever sound rational.

It was a joke of course, but unless you looked closely, you might conclude that the current president was making as much sense as the previous president.

I suspect it gave the Trumpsters an idea. Why not put fake sound bites of Trump on Facebook making him sound less like an idiot and more like a rational human being?

It could win him the election next year in spite of himself.

Meanwhile both sides in this political war are deep in thought trying to figure out how they can use Facebook to win the election,

In my opinion, the winner of next year's general election will be the one who wins the Facebook skirmish.

Too many voters find their favorite presidential candidate on Facebook. It is, in fact, the "Big Brother" that was the lead character in George Orwell's book "Nineteen Eighty Four."

Big Brother ignored the truth and, instead, created his own truth.

Whether Facebook intended it or fell into the Big Brother role, it has happened. Far too many potential voters either believe everything they see on Facebook or are willing to lie on the public forum to make lies come true.

A former friend who is a dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter calls it "Fakebook" because he has not yet learned the power Facebook has to sweep Trump into office.

Even now a host of Facebook chicaneries are being planned and executed in order to get the people who believe everything they see and want to believe on Facebook,

When he sees what is happening, he will proclaim that Facebook is the answer, as he now believes mountains of National Review articles that he sends me to fill my email inbox.

I don't read the drivel.

Yes, I am a Facebook user, but I check each posted "fact" many ways before I believe. Far too many people don't do that because they desperately want to believe the guff that one politician or another posts there.

As an aside, I don't understand why people stand behind Trump. I can sort of understand why dying communities in West Virginia cling to him. But what about the state ruralists who seem to cling to him as a savior.

The answer may come from Denise Giardina, who toured Mountain Mama recently:

"As I proceeded through that 50-mile stretch of Appalachian hill country and pondered the attraction of Trump there, I concluded it is not so much because he is desperately needed as in Weirton and Steubenville. The people in such places are long-practiced in survival, and not so much touched by the crazy goings-on of the outside world. But Trump is entertainment. He is the carnival barker. He is the professional wrestler throwing his hapless opponent out of the ring. He is a demonic version of Harold Hill come to sell a boys' band to the citizens of River City. He livens things up for a time. And then things get back to normal."

Dave Peyton is on Facebook. His email address is davepeyton@comcast.net.


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