Lori Wolfe/The Herald-Dispatch Judy Rule is the director of the Cabell County Public Library. She took her first full-time librarian job at the Cabell County Public Library on Sept. 5, 1967. And she's been there ever since.

Library welcomes all to Google event

At the Cabell County Public Library, we believe reading and learning are essential parts of our growth and our way of life. Libraries have always served as pillars for education and community. From the nostalgia of summer reading programs to the importance of accessible computer software, libraries are a hub for their communities. We seek to serve as a place to learn new information and skills, whether it's through after-school tutoring or professional development opportunities.

According to the American Library Association, nearly 75% of public libraries assist their patrons with job applications and interviewing skills, and 90% help their patrons learn basic digital skills such as using search engines, email, spreadsheets, and internet tools like social media. Nearly 50% of public libraries provide access and assistance to entrepreneurs looking to start a business of their own. For over 100 years, Cabell County Public Library has been and always will be a place to learn, and assisting in the development of digital skills is no exception to that foundation.

Digital skills are critical. Over 80% of jobs that require a high school diploma, middle-skills jobs, require digital skills. These jobs tend to be well-paying and are foundational to our state workforce, where they make up over 57% of the state's workforce. We believe that part of our responsibility as a library is working to support the digital needs of our state and these middle-skill jobs.

One way we are meeting this responsibility is through an innovative partnership with Google. On Friday, Aug. 2, we are welcoming the community to our free, all-day Grow With Google event. The tour will stop at the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington, where Google trainers and librarians will offer essential training in digital skills. Whether you are looking to develop your skills for your professional development, your career, or your business, please consider attending. You can register at g.co/GrowWestVirginia.

In our rapidly evolving society, libraries remain a bedrock for many communities in America. This upcoming partnership with Google will bring a day of hands-on training for Cabell County and the surrounding area. It will equip our team at the library to better serve the community and assist with digital skills in the future. We are looking forward to coming alongside this community and this state as we develop new skills, because growing and learning is what libraries have always been about.

Judy K. Rule


Cabell County

Public Library


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